5 of the Best Kegel Sets

5 of the Best Kegel Sets

Pelvic Health? Sounds Fake.

Pelvic health is so super important, and kegel toys help improve your pelvic strength and flexibility, as well as your control over your vaginal muscles. When I do get around to going to the gym, I usually bring a ball from my Je Joue Ami set with me. Not only am I hitting two birds with one stone, I'm also really working out those PC muscles. My favorite activities to do are crunches and lunges. Those two techniques are the ones that have the most impact on my ability to hold the kegel weights in. When I go into a lunge, I also focus on my PC muscles and tighten them as I go down, and the release as I come back up. Very similarly, when I go into a crunch, I tighten my PC muscles, and release as I go back down to the floor. And these are just two examples of ways to exercise your PC muscles! There are a multitude of ways to exercise without even having to think about it. A simple walk around the block with a kegel weight in, a jog on the treadmill, dancing in front of the mirror, lifting weights. Anything where you're working out your body, your PC muscles are also moving.

Well, where are these PC muscles?

Your pelvic floor muscles are a ring of muscles that support the lower organs like the bladder, uterus, and colon. They're located between those organs and the rest of you down south. The PC muscles are your best friend during childbirth, which is why kegel exercises are encouraged at all ages. And when you get older, kegel exercises help keep up with sexual health and pleasure all while strengthening your bladder and colon. In this blog, I'm going to walk you through some great toys for strengthening your PC muscles and introduce you to some new kegel's you haven't been acquainted with yet. Let's get this ball rolling! (teehee)


Nova by Svakom

Svakom's Nova kegel set is a great set for anybody from beginner to advanced. The Nova set includes three sizes, at 49 grams, 75 grams, and 95 gram weights. These numbers probably seem random and a little large for something weighted, but picking these up in your hand tell a different story. In your hand, 49 grams feels the same as holding 2 AA batteries, but internally and to your pelvic floor, 49g is a workout! The Nova set is made from a single sheet of medical grade silicone, which ensures there's a seamless toy in your hand. They do not vibrate, however, they do have a moving ball inside that's useful for extra stimulation when moving around.

With every set, you would start with the smallest size and practice with that until you feel as though you could be benching a few more grams. Then, as you gradually move up, your muscles will be better toned and flexible, which is really where you want them. Your PC muscles should be flexible and strong, not just strong! After strenuous work outs, your PC muscles can seem kind of macho, a little too strong. The loop is nice because you can get a good grip on the toy to tug out instead of slipping and sliding around. I wish they had a little vibration though...


The Peach by Vedo

 Which brings me to my next kegel toy. The Peach by Vedo is a newer addition to the Vedo family, and with good reason. Vedo has toys from vibes to butt plugs, but they didn't have a kegel set yet! This cute little Peach is a powerhouse no short of the others in the Vedo line. With a rechargeable egg and single-button remote, you can truly take kegel exercises to the next level. Using the vibration patterns it has, you can create your own kegel regime to follow and pleasure yourself to. Made with yet another single sheet of silicone, and add a very nice long loop to the end of the egg, and you've got yourself an all around winner! The Peach is ideal for those who want to work out their muscles in a more intimate fashion. Pop the Peach in, grab your favorite clitoral toy, and enjoy working out without leaving your bed!

Je Joue's Ami & Ami+

This is one of my favorite sets of kegel toys. Je Joue has really outdone themselves with this addition. This soft set of weights progress nicely from a single ball, then to two, and then the Ami+ really shakes things up with what kind of weights it has inside. They range from the smallest size of 54.5 grams, to 72.5 grams, and the heaviest being 99.2 grams in the Ami set.

Sold separately, the Ami+ is different because instead of weighted balls rolling around, the Ami+ has moveable, weighted disks. Weighing in at 136 grams, about as heavy as a D battery, this is a really innovative and honestly, genius kegel weight when you think about it. When you're strong and flexible enough to grasp the whole kegel with your vaginal walls, that's all there is to it. But with the Ami+, as you grasp tightly, the disks shift to the side and make your muscles work harder to get a good grip on it. It really works the flexibility side of these exercises, which can be really hard to train. Luckily, if you're more of a visual learner, this experienced step into improving your flexibility doesn't have to be so challenging. 

Tech-Toys; The K-Goal

 Teledildonics is one of my new favorite words. It's not only fun to say, it's a fun topic too. Teledildonics (also known as "cyberdildonics") is technology for remote sex. This means almost always, a cyberdildonic toy will have an app it connects to to enhance it's abilities. Whether that means long distance or short distance is up to the individual toy and toy company! Other brands like We Vibe, Lovense and Oh Mi Bod! are toy brands that also live within the teledildonic umbrella, but KGoal by Minna is one of the only teledildonic kegel toys.

This kegel toy comes with an app that includes games and a weekly kegel schedule to follow and keep track of your progress. As a visual learner, this is so much more effective in working out my PC muscles, I really feel like I have a ton of control over my PC muscles now that I have games and activities to train to. Some games include flexibility training, strength training, controlled training, a disappearing block game, and a follow-the-dot game. If you were looking for a new gaming console, I might have found the one for you! The KGoal is unique in that it has an air bladder instead of a ball with a weight inside. This can be squeezed into a more slender shape or be filled up to its full size for more experienced users. Then this makes the KGoal more versatile for beginners through experts and don't require you to purchase another toy entirely when you're getting better at your exercises.


 Hopefully this blog helped you find the perfect fit when it comes to kegel balls. The Sex Toy world is wide and can be confusing when trying to find an effective kegel toy, there are a lot of gimmicky products out there. Among the selection provided, I hope you find the perfect fit for you. For more information on pelvic health and fitness, Youtube has a whole area dedicated to work out routines based around working your pelvic muscles. It's also beneficial to chat with your doctor or OBGYN about pelvic health and ask questions that relate to improving or creating a kegel schedule specially for you (or let the KGoal help you with that). It's never too early to start working out those pelvic muscles, but it can certainly be too late if you never give it a try.


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