Our Favorites in Vedo!

Our Favorites in Vedo!

Recently, we have fallen hard for a certain brand and we want to tell you all about it! Vedo is a brand the Boutique has carried for a few years now, and recently a few toys have caught our attention and rekindled our love for Vedo all over again! Today were going to talk about a few Newbies in the Vedo family and mention a few fan faves from the past. Let me tell you all about them!

Peach, The Vibrating Egg

Vedo's new vibrating egg is a beautifully egg-ecuted tribute to the egg vibe. With a single sheet silicone around the whole egg, there are no seams to be found! This ensures a comfortable fit and use. The vibration is buzzy yet deep and powerful, which is ideal for pelvic strengthening and toning the vaginal walls. But of course, if you didn't want to use the Peach as a kegel toy, it is a wonderfully powerful insertable egg with a very nice 4~ in. silicone chord attached to the end. The Peach will last about an hour on one charge and has 10 functions, 3 straight and 7 pulsating patterns, just enough for some variety! Find your sweet spot, or click around and around and around for a Peachy experience!



With another 10 wonderful functions, the Izzy is your ideal 'inside/outside' vibe. Pair Vedo's powerful motor with Izzy's sleek, handheld, and interesting peanut shape, and you have yourself a perfect first-time toy! If you're someone who's been looking for the perfect beginner toy for yourself or someone close to you, pick up an Izzy. To explore a little more intimately, the Izzy is totally submersible for all bath time needs and desires. And best of all, the Izzy has this sweet little nubby tip to it, which is ideal for finding your sweet spot! Whether you have all of the Vedo line or you're looking for your first toy, the Izzy is a must have!

Crazzy Bunny

It'd be down right cruel of me to talk about Vedo without including their revolutionary handheld Crazzy Bunny Vibe! This vibe didn't just earn it's name, it invented it and gave it to other vibrators. No Bunny is as Crazzy as this one! Waterproof, silky smooth, add 10 functions like the rest of it's sisters, and you have one amazing rabbit! It's little ears are truly the star of the show. Pick her up, turn her on, and watch this Bunny run for the hills! Those little ears jump left and right, stimulating every nook and cranny that deserves some love. If flicky, luscious rabbit vibes are your vibe, then you're missing out by not owning a Crazzy Bunny.



Let the Rockie slide into your life, your hand, and into the top spot of your all time favorite Rabbit vibes. This powerhouse is a lovely mid-range toy for rabbit lovers that is more focused on the task at hand here. Rabbits are meant to do the best of both jobs; get that internal stimulation going while focusing on the main bean, the clitoris! The Rockie perfects that by making the rabbit tip more powerful than the shaft. That isn't to talk down the power in the shaft, it's still really sensational! The rabbit has the same nubby as the Izzy, making this particular rabbit a little more fun by adding texture. If you've been between rabbits, let the search be over and come by for a Rockie!


Luv Plus

The Luv Plus is the upgraded version of the Luv, and this time she's all wet. Or can be. The Luv Plus is fully submersible now! Now these 10 powerful modes and uniquely clitoris-friendly shape can follow you to the depths of your bathtub, and together you can discover the previously undiscovered! The Luv's shape is super great for new users as well. Like the Izzy, this unique shape can be a great internal/external toy for those who are undecided as to which gets them off quicker; penetration, clitoral stimulation or both! Allow the Luv to Luv you as much as you Luv you!

Bam Mini

The Vedo Bam is probably one of the most well known Vedo toys, along with the Crazzy Bunny and Luv. Recently, Vedo made a Bam Mini and man, are we impressed or what? This little vibe is about half the size of an original Bam and has about the same power! Being fully submersible and rechargeable isn't a bad deal either. But what's so great about a small version of something I already have? Well, you get to apply that power and intensity to smaller toys as well! The Bam Mini is an ideal size to slip into a cock ring that requires a bullet! So instead of getting an accessory that's only used for the cock ring, you can grab a Bam Mini for all your needs, and not just as an accessory! Let the Mini enhance your play a little, but impact your play a lot!



Vedo has wowed us time and time again, and we're proud to share our love for them with you! No matter your needs, Vedo has a toy for you. Whether you've never had a toy before or you're expanding your collection, Vedo has a range fit for everyone and a ton of different fun shapes and sizes to choose from. Even if your collection includes Lelos and Satisfyers and Je Joue and this and that, you don't have a Vedo, so your collection is incomplete!


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