5 Best Wands of All Time

5 Best Wands of All Time

Now that the sex toy market has exploded into an amazing rainbow array of different shapes, sizes, functions, and vibrators, there is a lot to look at when you go looking for "the best" vibrator. Wands alone have gone through so many changes through the years that it can be a matter of trial and error before you finally find the best wand for you. When a customer asks me what the "best" wand is, I always tell them, "best is subjective and has a lot to do with who you are and what you want out of your toy." Some wands are dual ended, some are big enough for head attachments so you can have an internal toy with the power of a wand behind it, and some are teeny tiny and pack a punch! These wands are some of our personal favorites and some new additions we wanted to show you!

Sasha by JIl

The Sasha is a really unique wand. It's rechargeable, 100% submersible, and has two motors, not just one! One motor is for the Wand head and the other is for the base of the wand, which can be inserted! It's a 2-in-1 toy! Why get just a wand when you can get both a wand and an internal toy? There are a lot of wands like that these days. The ZOE by Maia and the Jane by Yalone are two examples that we carry that also have a bottom motor for internal fun. This can be a con for some people, though - "why buy a wand with the price of two motors when I'm only going to be using the and head?" A good question that has a great answer! If you know you won't use the second motor, skip the Sasha and consider a different approach! There are so many wands out there, you're bound to find the one for you.

Noje Wands by Blush

We carry all three shapes of the Noje Wands, so no matter which you'd prefer, you can get the shape that benefits you the most. I personally love the curved wand! I think it really makes way for wand to join the "Couples Toy" category since the size and curve is great for those hard to reach positions. If you find yourself pressing hard with wands, the flatter handle would be great for you! And of course, for those who love the traditional straight handle, that model would be great for you! These wands aren't just rechargeable, they're magnetically charged, which makes these wands completely waterproof! Take your Me-Time to the next level by bringing your wand into the bathtub! Now that is Max Relaxation!

Doxy Wand

The Doxy Wand has the Hitachi Magic Wand shaking in it's box! We got the Doxy a few months back, and it has really impressed us! Every so often, I'll go back to the toys, turn the Doxy demo on, and just grip the squishy head until I can feel it in my shoulders, and that only takes about 20 seconds. The Doxy has depth like no other wand I've ever had! The head is super squishy, and is compatible with most wand head attachments! When using the Doxy, you'll find three buttons on the front; Power, Plus and Minus buttons. The Power will turn your toy on, and if you hold it for 3 seconds, it will activate the pulsations the Doxy has! The Plus and Minus buttons allow you to control the speed to any of the patterns. The Doxy is a Plug-In Wand, like the original Magic Wand, so it has all the power of a fully juiced up vibe! The chord is also 9 feet in length (3 meters), so yanking it out of the wall on accident isn't so much of a problem anymore! If you've ever had XL Wands like the Hitachi or Le Wand, the Doxy is a stunning addition to your wand family.

Hitachi Magic Wand

As a life time staple in most peoples collection, the Magic Wand is a classic at the root of the word. It's reliable, powerful, and full of surprises. There's now a Rechargeable Magic Wand with more power settings and added pulsations! Both of these models we carry and both are compatible with any wand head attachment. The Original Magic Wand is still a Plug-In Wand, but if you've always wanted the power of a Magic Wand Rechargeable, there's no harm in spending a little more for cordless! The Rechargeable Magic Wand is a really great upgrade if you've had the Magic Wand in the past, and can make a great gift for your sweetheart that loooves power! The Magic Wand and Doxy, however, can definitely be considered Extra Large in size, and can be a little too big for couples play. That's where Liberator swoops in and saves the day!

The Liberator Axis is a new and innovative way to bring your wand into the bedroom without over encumbering or intimidating your partner! The Axis has a tension pocket for any size wand or larger vibrating toys. The Axis is intended for Wands with chords or without; the Axis has a small hole to the side for the chord to stick out of for easy set up and breakdown. The Axis is also a toy mount double of the Wedge, so whether you're using a wand or no toys at all, the Axis is your newest and best bedroom adventure gear.

Sola Egg

The Sola Egg is a handheld cordless wand meant for Wellness and Pleasure. The Sola Egg was designed with versatility in mind, and has 4 different head attachments available. The Wellness set that we carry has the Shiatsu and Swedish Sleeves, a totally smooth sleeve (Swedish) and the Shiatsu incorporates 4 contact points that focus on the precise location of your stress, surrounding it with deep vibrations. While this set is meant to be used as a true massager, it's still a great set for those who have had a traditional wand before. The Sola is ultra small compared to other wands with this kind of power in it. The Sola is less of a buzzy clitoral toy, and more of a deep, rumbly toy. The difference between a rumbly wand and a buzzy wand is how they make you feel; a buzzy wand can make you numb and almost end the session before you've finished! While a rumbly toy can be used much longer, since it doesn't numb the nerve endings as fast. In fact, more women have been switching up the speed of their toys because of this! If you've ever experienced this while using a clitoral toy, it might be time to look for something a little lower in frequency!



No matter what kind of wand you want, there is bound to be one out there that checks off every want, need and necessity on your list! Check out our website under "Wands" to check out more blogs written about wands. You can also find our whole collection of wands on our website that way too. Or, you can always come in and ask one of our Toy Experts at the store. They'll be sure to point you in the right direction for your new favorite toy!


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