A Guide To Dilator Sets

A Guide To Dilator Sets

What is a Dilator & What Does it do?

A dilator is a rounded cylinder that is usually made out of a silicone or ABS plastic material. They can range in girth from the size of a pinky finger to the size of the average penis. Dilators are used to expand the width and the depth of the vagina, to provide elasticity to the vaginal tissue and to ease any pain or discomfort one might have with sexual activity or pelvic examinations.

Who Might Use a Dilator?

There are many reasons a woman might need to use a dilator. Woman from all walks of life can one day go through some kind of change or experience in their life that may lead them to turning to a dilator set for help. Its important to remember that it is not something to be embarrassed or ashamed about and it is especially important to remember that you are not damaged goods. Our sexual health is vital to living a healthy and happy life and we need to love ourselves enough to be able to help ourselves. You are one out of so many woman that are constantly fighting to maintain their sexual health.

Dilators are used to treat many different conditions or issues involving pelvic health. Women that have gone through any anatomical changes to the pelvic area, including women who were born with any genetic conditions, women that have undergone any surgeries such as a hysterectomy, gender reassignment surgery, or prolapse repairs. Women that have gone through any type of radiation therapy are often given dilators to keep their vaginal walls from sticking together and scarring shut as the radiation can cause fibrosis.

After menopause the vagina becomes drier, loses elasticity, and becomes shorter and narrower. This can lead to painful intercourse or medical exams. Often a dilator is prescribed to treat such issues. Many women suffer from painful vaginal penetration or intercourse due to a range of medical issues including and not limited to Vulvodynia, Painful Bladder Syndrome, perineal tears, and pelvic pain after childbirth.

Vibrator vs. Dilator

I often get the question, "Can I use a vibrator instead of a dilator?"

The answer is that it is up to you and your doctor to decide. Many medical professionals are recommending the use of slim vibrators in place of medical dilators as the vibration can help promote blood flow to the area and possibly make the process more enjoyable. However some women may feel uncomfortable with the thought of using a sexual toy instead of a medical dilator, and there is nothing wrong with that. Also, dilator sets usually offer a range of sizes whereas vibrators are not often sold in a small enough size that a woman may need to start her treatment in the most comfortable way possible.

Sit Back and Get Comfortable

To use the dilator, you want to be as relaxed as you can get. It may be a good idea to take a hot bath before in order to relax your body as much as you can. Put on some soothing music or your favorite TV show and lay down on your back with your knees bent. Grab your favorite lubricant and apply it to the smallest dilator in your set. Apply even pressure to slowly insert the dilator into your vagina. Once the dilator is as deep as you can comfortably insert it, you want to hold it in place for anywhere from 15-30 minutes. It is important to keep your muscles very relaxed during this process as it will make it much easier. This should be done about 4 times a week. Once you can comfortably insert the dilator with ease, you can graduate to the next size, and repeat the process. This process takes patience as improvements may not happen over night. However, if you stick to your routine you will soon see the results you've been waiting for.

Our Favorites

Dr. Berman Intimate Basics Dilator Set:

This Dilator set is unique because it comes with a small dilator and 3 interchangeable caps of different lengths and girths that one can move up to. Made out of a slick ABS plastic, this set also comes with a silicone sleeve that can slide onto all 3 caps. Although there's only 4 different sizes, I do feel that this set can be great for beginners all the way through advanced users. You can use this dilator set with any type of lube including silicone lube as it will not harm the ABS plastic material.

Tantus Silk Dildos:

Although these dildos do not come as a set, I would highly recommend them for beginners! The Tantus Silk Dildos come in three different sizes with the smallest being only 0.8" in width and the largest being 1.5" wide. Tantus is a high quality sex toy manufacturer with all of their products being made of their unique formula of 100% body safe Ultra Premium Silicone. The Silk Dildos come with a rounded base that make them comfortable and easy to hold but also harness compatible! These dildos cannot be used with a silicone lubricant as they are made out of silicone so try pairing them with either a water based lube or a hybrid lube!

CalExotic Inspire Silicone Dilator Set:

This set is my absolute favorite. Not only is it ergonomically curved, but the end of the dilator has a little loop that makes it easy to hold with your fingers. The ring at the end isn't just to make gripping easier, you can turn your dilator into a vibrator by sliding a bullet vibe into the ring that will vibrate through to the top of your dilator. This dilator set is made out of a phthalate free silicone and comes with 5 different girths/lengths. Because this set is made out of silicone, you cannot pair it with a silicone lube as the material will become extremely tacky overtime. Water-based lube or a hybrid lube would be recommended.

SI Deluxe Silicone Dilator Set:

The SI Deluxe Dilator Set is so appealing to the eye! With its vibrant colors and its silky-smooth silicone finish the kit will definitely catch your eye. The Deluxe set comes with a wide range of sizes that go from beginners to advanced width. Each Dilator comes with a rounded base that makes for easy control of each device. A water based lubricant or hybrid lubricant would be best used on this set!

Sliquid Satin Water Based Lubricant:

One of our favorite lubricants here at Intimates Boutique is Satin by Sliquid. This lube was specifically created for women who are experiencing regular or periodic dryness due to menopause, medication, or any other reason. The Satin lube is the first lubricant by Sliquid that can be used as a daily vaginal moisturizer as well as for intercourse. The Satin is an aloe and carrageenan infused water based formula that is glycerin and paraben free. Whats even better for women is that it is also hypoallergenic and PH balanced neutral!

*To learn more about lubricants that will be safe with your dilator set/toy click here*


Slim Vibrators

Small Sizes:

The Svakom CICI: The CICI is a skinny high quality vibrator that is no thicker than your thumb. The size is great for anyone that is a beginner at using a dilator and wants to throw some vibration into the mix.

Medium Sizes:

The NU Sensuelle Baelii: This vibe is the perfect toy for anyone that has used a dilator before and is possibly looking for a medium size to use. This toy has a powerful and rumbly vibration that will be sure to relax your muscles. The best part is that it is fully submersible so you can have your session in a hot bath!

Large Sizes:

Sensuelle Bentlii: The Bentlii would be a vibrator that I recommend if one is looking to graduate to a thicker size. It is made out of a silky silicone and has a strong and deep vibration that will make your regular dilating session a super fun one!


**Remember that it is very important to consult your doctor before jumping right into anything** Make sure to do your research and keep in mind that you know your body the best and you know your limitations. Always listen to your biofeedback because your body will tell you when something is painful or doesn't feel right! Our sexual health is a major key in our own happiness and we have to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves in every way that we can.


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