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Lube 101

Lube 101

Melissa S |

The Truth

I want to start off this blog by breaking a stigma with lubricant... Needing to use lubrication is in no way an effect of not being able to properly arouse a woman nor does it mean that the woman is in some way "broken". Using lubrication during sex not only makes sexual intercourse easier, but it makes it safer! Many people think that if they have to use lubrication with a female partner, their sexual advances are flawed. This could not be further from the truth. Women that need to use lube to have more comfortable sex sometimes think their vagina is not normal or that their body doesn't work quite right... wrong again! Using lubricant will greatly reduce any friction that could be uncomfortable or even painful for a person. Lube can even help prevent vaginal or anal tearing and can prevent tears in condoms.

Different Types of Lube

There are so many different types of lubricant to consider. There are lubricant formulas that work differently with different people. There are toy safe lubes and lubes that can actually deteriorate the material of your sex toys. Lubricants can be sticky, slick, watery, and thick. Some can even have flavor! Read on to learn about all of the different types of lubricant there is to choose from.


Let's start off with the most commonly used type of lubricant, water-based lube. Water-based lube's main ingredient is obviously, water. They are usually non irritating and always condom safe! It is very easy to clean up but can sometimes leave you feeling just a tad "tacky". Water-based lube will absorb into your skin over time so you may need to reapply half way through your play session. However, it can easily be reactivated when you start to feel it drying up by just adding a bit of water. And the fun part about water based lube is that you can mix it with a bit of edible lubricant to add some yummy flavor.

Silicone Lubricant

Silicone lubricant is amazing if you're looking for something that lasts a while and is slippery and slick! Silicone lubricant is often used for anal play since it creates a thick cushion between skin and stays slick for a very long time. Silicone lube makes intercourse almost completely friction-less which helps ease any discomfort one may have with anal play. It is also great for shower/bathtub play as it stays on in or under water until it is scrubbed away with soap. The negatives about silicone lubricant are far less than there are positives. Silicone lube will stay on you until you get in the shower and use soap, which can be a bit messy. This type of lubricant also does not play well with certain sex toy materials such as silicone's, cyber-skins, and any TPE/TPR toys as it will make the toy sticky or even cause it to bubble/rip or discolor.

Hybrid Lubricant

On to my favorite type of lubricant, hybrids! There are many reasons why hybrid lubricants are awesome! Hybrid lubes are usually water based with a tiny bit of silicone in them. have the natural silky feeling of water based lubes but last just as long as silicone lubricants, the perfect two in one! Hybrids are pretty durable in water and are toy safe as long as you clean your toy very well immediately after each use. I consider hybrid lubes to be the happy medium between water and silicone based lubricants, which in my opinion, makes for the perfect lubricant.


Flavored Lubricant

Using flavored lubricant is like walking into a candy shop and picking out the perfect candy that you want your vagina or penis to taste like. Flavored lubricants are usually only used for oral sex and are always a sweet treat for the partner that is giving. However for the partner that is receiving, it can get a little sticky considering flavored lubes contain sugar. A quick shower after play time can fix this though! You can also mix your flavored lubricant with your favorite water-based lube to dilute the flavor if its too sweet. This may also make it a little less sticky. However, it is important to read the ingredients on your flavored lubricant because flavored lubes can often lead to vaginal infections if used internally.

Warming, Tingling, and Cooling

Specialty lubricants are great for adding sensations to your play time. One thing to always remember when choosing a specialty lubricant is to try it on your hand first! You do not want to put a warming, tingling, or cooling lube directly onto your genitals before knowing what the sensation will actually feel like. For some people the warming or tingling sensations can be so overwhelming that they have to wash it off. Specialty lubes work to heighten ones arousal and make them more sensitive to touch.

Warming Lubricant: Two main ingredients in warming lubricants are cinnamon oil and L-Arginine. This type of lubricant will heat up and react to touch with heat.

Tingling Lubricant: Tingling lubricant will have a very similar effect to arousal creams as it will heighten sensitivity on the genital region and give off almost a ticklish feeling. Often tingling lubes will contain peppermint oil or menthol.

Cooling Lubricant: Cooling lubes will also commonly contain peppermint oil and menthol. However it will give off more of an icy feeling. Cooling lubes are always fun when giving oral as you can lightly blow on your partners vagina/penis to increase stimulation.


Staff Recommendations:

Water-Based Lubes:

Sliquid Satin


Swiss Navy All Natural


Silicone-Based Lubes:

Pjur Original

Wet Platinum


Hybrid Lubes:

Spunk Hybrid

Naked Silk

Flavored Lubes:

System JO H2o Flavored: If you want fruity flavors

Wicked Flavored: If you want dessert flavors


Specialty Lubes:

Climax Bursts (They have warming, tingling, and cooling sensations to choose from)