Getting Crafty with your Sex Life

Getting Crafty with your Sex Life

A Different Type of DIY

DIY is trending! DIY stands for Do It Yourself! Everyone loves getting hands on and creating something themselves instead of buying it at the store. It gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment when your project is finished and looks great! Let's get a little bit deeper than your average DIY project. Have you ever thought of DIY sex toys?

Now before I go any further, you should NEVER put anything that isn't meant to safely go inside you, inside of your body! You risk infections such as UTI's, yeast infections and/or other bacterial infections! Objects can easily get stuck inside of your vagina or anus and I'm sure that will be a fun trip to the hospital for nobody involved!

So, Rule #1: Do not make a DIY internal toy out of any random household objects! Just don't do it.

SAFE DIY Internal Toys

Are those that you can buy at your local adult store! The first one I want to talk about is the DoDil. As soon as we heard about this creative new toy, we immediately brought it in. This is not your average dildo... They call it the Dodil probably because of the endless things you can DO with it! The Dodil is made from a smooth body safe silicone and comes in a bright teal color. Now, don't be fooled, when you first open the thermos looking container that it comes in, it looks like your average dildo. But this toy has an amazing secret! The Dodil has a very unique core that allows you to heat the dildo in hot water and mold it into your desired shape! Yes, you heard me correctly. In this one dildo you now have a dildo with unlimited possibilities. The Kit also comes with an orange cord that you can twist and tie around the dodil to help shape it. Its as easy as running it under cold water once you've reached your desired shape. Pro tip: this toy can make for a great G-spot massaging toy as you can mold the end to be rounded and curved up!



Have you ever looked at your partner's penis/vulva and wished that you could clone it? Guess what... you can! The Clone-A-Willy and Clone-A-Pussy kits are the ultimate game changers! Each kit comes with a molding container, molding powder, and a little vibrator! You can choose from Light, Medium, and Dark skin tones OR you can make a bright pink/purple mold of your partners genitals! You can even make a chocolate mold of their penis/vagina. Yum! Each kit comes with easy to follow instructions, but I must warn you that it can get a little messy so be sure to do this in your bathroom or bathtub if possible! Hows that for a DIY sex toy?!


Bondage seems to be what everyone is exploring lately. So what happens when you're in the middle of a sexy session and you don't have handcuffs?! You improvise! I want to start off by saying it is very important to think safety when using any type of restraints. Always keep scissors close by just in case you have to cut the restraints quickly.

A few fun house hold items that can double as restraints in a pinch:


-  Pair of Stockings

-  Scarf

- Rope (Be careful with what type of rope you use as the person being restrained can easily get rope burn)



Another form of restraints that I wouldn't really consider DIY but come in handy when you find yourself in a room without a headboard is the Under the Bed Restraint System.

The nice part about this set is that it can be used on any bed. You throw it under the mattress and adjust the wrist and ankle straps so that they are pulled tight enough to each corner of the mattress. Then you can fold up the set and neatly store it in a bag. Its small enough that you can easily pack it in your suitcase and take it with you anywhere.

Spanking Becomes Fun Once You're an Adult

You know those things you were afraid to get hit with as a child when you did something you weren't supposed to do? Go grab them. Things are different now as an adult and we're no longer afraid of the spankings. If you do not own a paddle you can replace that with a wooden spoon or a wooden ruler! Please make sure to start slow and always keep communication with your partner. Spanking and Paddling are only fun when all parties involved are enjoying it.


Go forth and be crafty now! Its easy to get creative but its important to remember that safety always comes first! DIY sex toys are an awesome idea as long as you use common sense and don't take unnecessary risks. With that in mind, this will definitely make for a new and fun experience that both you and your partner can enjoy in the bedroom!


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