Wands - Hatachi Magic Wand VS. New Style Wands

Wands - Hatachi Magic Wand VS. New Style Wands

Wands - or to be more specific, sex toys that resemble back massagers. This style of sex toy has been around since the beginning. The first main stream back massager that became popular was the Hitachi wand. This toy is different from most, in the sense that in order for it to run it needs to be plugged in to the wall. In todays world of high tech sex toys, one might ask, "why would a bulky, heavy wand like this still be so popular?" It's simple, this Wand is extremely powerful. Its power is so strong that it could be used through your clothes and you would still probably be able to reach orgasm. It is not just the Magic Wand power that make it so great, but also the depth of its vibration. The vibration that the Wand gives is a heavier, deeper type of vibration. Because of the toys design it is easier to apply strong pressure to the clitoris. Also because of the depth of vibration that a Wand produces, a woman's clitoris will not desensitize as quickly as it would compared to using a faster vibrating type toy.

The next toy we would like to compare is the Lovelife series from OhMyBod sex toy line. This is part of a group of toys using high quality materials and motors. This Wand is still sizable but not as big or heavy as the Magic Wand by Hitachi. The Lovelife Wand is geared more towards a female buyer, merely for the reason of the pink packaging and the health and wellness idea of sex toy sales. This wand is completely USB rechargeable and it has a head shaped like a Heart. That is right, has a slight indentation in the middle to help surround the clitoris when in use. The vibration on this wand is quite good even compared to a toy like the Hitachi wand. Not as heavy as a Hitachi but with more than enough power to get you to orgasm. Unlike the plug in wand which has only to speeds, this OhMyBod wand has 7 different pulsations modes that can be raised or lowered within each mode. this sex toy just like the Magic Wand has a One Year Warranty.

Our 3rd wand we would like to compare is the DORR Avond. this a a small more sleek looking wand than the before mentioned products. This sex toy actually has a lot of power considering its size. Has a seamless body and 6 vibration modes. Where this toy is better than both the Hitachi and OhMyBod is its size and ease of use. Weighs about half of what the other 2 toys do. It does have a higher pitched vibration than the other two in the comparison. Which could make it harder to reach multiple orgasms. Over all this is a great toy. Has the Sleek look of a Lelo but is about 60% cheaper than a Lelo product. We do have demos in the store on all these great wands. we invite you to come see in person to see the difference.



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