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Feeling Stressed - Time for an Orgasm!

Feeling Stressed - Time for an Orgasm!

Tim Sizemore |

Sometimes there is only one thing that saves me from an anxiety - driven hot mess and a productive person: An Orgasm

Because a lot of people use sex as a way to pursue a great orgasm, a fun activity or as luxury weekend fun, I see it as a great alternative to popping a Xanax.


Great natural alternative to Prozac

When I was younger I had trouble finding a good job in the middle of the great recession, my anxiety would get the best of me and felt more like the norm. As I got older migraines became a ritual 3 to 4 times per week.

My Physician said it was part of getting old. There idea was drinking a cocktail of mood-enhancing drugs. Even at my most fatalistic, it all seemed terrible, the fact that I was left taking a bunch of pills (frankly, I was too broke to afford them).


Anxiety is expensive

Fortunately, one doctor i had seen about my anxiety, a Naturopathic physician, informed me that lifestyle and diet could have an affect on the way one feels. So in hopes to eradicate my high level of anxiety I slowly began to change everything, from eating healthier, to working out, and to putting aside an hour a day for meditation. With these changes I immediately began to notice the progress, resulting with less anxiety.

The unfortunate part, was due to the amount of time and money put towards curing my anxiety I began to neglect my social and work life. My personal crusade became the priority over being a good friend, and I became sort of a jerk about my lifestyle. While being healthy and fit helped alleviate my anxiety, being a fanatic made my anxiety worse.


Curing anxiety with a One Night Stand

The unexpected cure to anxiety came disguised as a great Tinder date turned Intimate One Night Stand. 

We kept up the relationship mostly because it included an unusual amount of morning sex. Days that started with one (or four) orgasms turned out to be more productive and enjoyable. Of course I still felt anxiety, but it was proportional and appropriate anxiety considering I was dealing with the usual stresses of managing family drama, starting my own business and being in a new relationship.

When the relationship ended, I kept up the practice of morning sex. It was an easy way to manage anxiety and an orgasm a day seemed to keep my headaches away. I know you won’t simply trust my personal experience, so here’s the research to show that I’m not the only one orgasming my way to wellness.


Trust the science

In a study conducted in 2013, a group of German social scientists found that 60 percent of migraine sufferers and 33 percent of cluster headache sufferers experienced relief while engaging in sexual intercourse. The endorphins released during sex can function as natural painkillers, and these brilliant studies declared that “having an orgasm in any way, shape, or form will help” those suffering through a headache. Ironic for all who have used headaches as an excuse to avoid sex.

Studies done on sex and anxiety have found that sex with a partner lowered the blood pressure of test subjects engaging in stressful activities. Sex releases oxytocin, “the love hormone,” which can be be calming and help build relationships.


Test the theory

I tested the theory myself in a 30-day practice. Committing to starting each day with multi-orgasmic sex (whether someone else was involved or not), I experienced many of the benefits that yoga and exercise provided, but in just a few minutes. Sex done right can be very efficient. Of course, I did this all in the name of science.

It’s a practice that I’ve continued for years. Daily morning sex makes me feel less anxious in general, but it has replaced Tylenol and booze for medicating stressful situations. Before making a big life decision, I have sex to clear my mind. If I have a headache, sex alleviates it, and in most cases cures it completely.

Orgasms may be the fastest, cheapest and most effective cure I’ve found. I’ve started faking headaches just to give myself an excuse to have a few.