Intimates Boutique Netflix Pick - Frankie and Grace - Back in Buzzness

Intimates Boutique Netflix Pick -  Frankie and Grace - Back in Buzzness

Hello Fans, we normally do a blog about a product we sell or how to deal with certain sexual issues or things that are just fun. Today we want to talk about one of our favorite shows on television. Netflix came out with this great show 2 years ago with all time greats Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin and it is absolutely hilarious. Season 3 has just recently been released and these 2 crazy older women have come up with the idea of making and selling sex toys for women with arthritis. This path leads to some pretty crazy antics and we just love it!! Why you ask? One reason, We are in the sex toy business. The other reason? The show is super funny. Another reason we love this show is because it is one of staff favorites.  The sex toy business has so many aspects to it it just great to see art imitate life. Sex toys in the last few years have gone from phallic objects to art like highly functioning personal pleasure machines. Some of these toys are developed with ease of use in mind.

The bottom line is sexual pleasure is both fun and a healthy must. A healthy sex life is one of the most important things in a relationship. It is also important in your personal sanity as well. 

Some of these toys are developed with how they are held or if you have arthritis in mind. There are designs that are easier to hold like the Lelo Soraya or the Fun factory Miss BI. These great vibrators have handles with holes in them so they are easier to grip and hold. Plus they are really great vibrators. Whatever medical issue you may have our staff are trained to guide you into something that is comfortable and effective for your personal masturbation sessions. There are also great sex toys like the L'mourosa Denia which can also be ridden like the female was on top which gives it mostly hands-free pleasure.  We wish you to stop by anytime and discuss what kind of toy may work best for you.

     There are a lot of great products to help with sex as you age or physical issues begin to happen. stop by the store and we can help which ever the problem might be. We also have great position ramps which can take pressure off the body to make certain position more fun. hoping a sex filled day to all.    




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