Remote Control Sex Toys - Let him control.

Remote Control Sex Toys - Let him control.

Remote control toys? Why you ask? Because they are fun. This type of toy has recently been improved greatly as sex toys have changed with technological improvements. They used to limited to 20 foot range so you always had to be in the same room. These great super fun toys still exist today. Now we also have sex toys that are Phone App based and can be used even if you are on opposite sides of the world.

  We really love all these toys for so many reasons. They are obviously great as foreplay. Just picture she has vibrating panties on. it's a slow dance and you are face to face with her. Looking into her eyes and then. Boom??? You turn on the bullet on that is in her panties with the remote while your dancing. Whether you can get to have an orgasm or just extremely turned on by the toy. The one time i tried this my partner had an orgasm on the dance floor. This was so hot. And after an evening of dancing and vibration. She was ready for me when we got back to the house. This is just one of many things you can do with these style toys. We would like to share a few of our favorites.

    Sensuelle remote control panties intimates adult boutiqueRemote control undies by Sensuelle  , while these have been around for quite a few years. Today's models are quieter and have more power due to rechargeable toys power levels. You can use your undies or they do come with undies. Most ladies undies have a built in little pouch which will hold the bullet close to the clitoris and labia area. we suggest tight jeans to get it closer to where you want it to be close to. this type of toy does have limitations. 20 feet is generally the range on a toy like this and not likely to happen? it could mix frequencies with other toys of this nature. So it could happen that 2 people are both turning on the toy on and off. This could be either the best day of there ladies life or the most confusing.

Another one of our favorite toys is the Lush by Lovense. This is a phone app toy that can be used even if you are in different countries. this is a bit different than the underwear just because it is inserted like a bullet style toy but has a silicone antenna that lies up by the clitoris. this extra silicone antenna has a lot of residual vibration and stays in place remarkably well. The best thing about this toy is the fact the phone App works exceptionally well. It connects and stays connected except when out of WiFi range.

The last item we want to talk about is the Lelo Tiani 2. This is a remote control toy like the undies. The Tiani 2 by Lelo is wearable like a We Vibe would be. What we love about this toy is the remote itself. It can be used just like any other remote but does have a motion sensor mode. What does this mean, depending on the angle and the speed of the movement in the remote. the Tiani will emulate the changes in speed and position. So if your out in public and he has the controller in his hand. As he dances and moves the controller around? the vibration changes depending on the motion. faster remote is moved then faster the toy vibrates. It actually a lot of fun since the remote vibrates too so the person in control feels how much it vibrates. There are many more app based and remote toys in the store. We recommend coming by the store and checking them out in person. Wishing all a buzzy day of fun.




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