How to Add Fun to Oral Sex

How to Add Fun to Oral Sex

How do you take the best sexual act ever and make it better? Here at Intimates Boutique, we have some ideas and tricks which may help. From utilizing vibrations, pressure techniques, anal and prostate toys, to flavored lubes.

While vibrations used on males is not the same as it would be on a women, it can be used in ways to enhance the world famous Blow Job. Not every woman has the abilities of a porn star but some simple tricks can improve the oral sex experience for both the man and the woman. One area most forgotten during oral sex is the testicles. The testicles alone do not contain a lot nerve endings, however there are areas close by that can be very pleasurable. The posterior scrotal nerve is the best place to start. Commonly known as the scrotum, pressure applied to this area is very satisfying to men. Located at the base of the testicles, this sensory nerve can be stimulated with light pressure or vibrations. Pressure play can be as simple as applying light pressure with lubricated fingers to the ridge that runs from the base of the testicles or just cupping the testicles as you use your mouth to arouse your man. One great way to incorporate vibrations into your oral sex routine is to use a small vibrating bullet and rub lightly over the scrotum or using a previously mentioned technique, cup the testicles while holding the bullet and massaging the testicles with your fingers.

Anal and prostate toys are another great way to enhance the oral sex experience. These can add many extra sensations that he may or may not be used to receiving during oral. While some men may find toys a distraction, they can also bring sex to a whole new level. The anal region contains nearly 300 nerve endings located mostly in the Openings area. This means that vibrating toys and manual pressure can bring a lot to this act. Anal toys such as classic plugs, vibrating plugs, and beads can stimulate the sphincter intensifying the male orgasm. The biggest thing to remember during anal play is lubrication, the anus is not self lubricated and to avoid injury an ample amount of lube should be used. It is also important to remember that some toys, such a silicone based toys, cannot be used with a silicone lube. Silicone can be a tricky material and when two silicone materials are combined, a chemical reaction takes place breaking down the integrity of your toy. Prostrate massages can also benefit your man in more ways than one. Sexually, these massages can lead to prolonged orgasms and the possibility of an erection-less orgasm. "milking the prostrate" can also help contain the swelling of the prostrate as men age.

Lastly, flavored lubricants can be used to benefit both the receiver and giver in oral sex. In addition to adding a pleasant flavor, they can mask any unpleasantness and add a fun facet to giving head. There are many high quality brands such as Wicked, Doc Johnson, and Jo which combine some of the most unique flavors with quality lubricants. With flavors such as cotton candy, sweet watermelon, and cinnamon bun, there is certainly a flavor for every person. Using flavored lubes will not only improve the givers experience by removing unwanted flavors and smells but will increase their enthusiasm for the act of oral sex and pleasing their partner.


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