Sexy Lingerie to the Bedroom - Yes you should!

Sexy Lingerie to the Bedroom - Yes you should!

Sexy Lingerie 

Should you wear? Does he Like? Does it make him want you more than ever? These are all good questions and to us here at Intimates Adult Boutique we believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are many ways to please him when it comes to sexy lingerie. Slutty, Sweet,Innocent or just a little tease him for awhile. When it comes to men, we like all of the above. Sometimes we just love it when your in  your sexy birthday suits. Why is lingerie so great in the bedroom? Because most men are very visual creatures. Some women are wired this way, but it is rarer. We have female customers come in all the time and they don't buy lingerie because they have a little extra here or not in the places they would like to have more. Just buy it to feel sexy is as good as reason as any. Sexy is as much attitude as it is what you look like. If it were based solely on looks then only the so called perfect women would be sexy. Thankfully sexy is an attitude and is shared by all types of women. From full figured to petite. any shape and size can be sexy. Another thing we have heard from our female customers is i can't wear that because my tummy is too big or my breast are too small. As a man writing this article and I obviously cannot speak for every man in the world. I think women don't truly know how the male sexual brain works. if we are presented with a vision of someone. We don't see the bad bits, we see your lovely lady parts. This is why we think wearing sexy lingerie should be part of everybodies sex life. The most important part of the human sexual experience is the brain. No, not the one down below. the one of top.

         Now lets talk lingerie. Here at Intimates Boutique we carry some of the best sexy lingerie in the Naples Florida area. We have brands like Dreamgirl, oh La La Cheri, Escante, Leg Avenue and many more. With every style available such as teddies, baby dolls, chemises and corsets. To see the lingerie we carry just check out our website We have our latest and complete collection for you to choose something. So say yes to sexy and buy some sexy lingerie today.


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