Sexual Enhancements

When people think of sexual enhancement they usually think of male enhancement pills, but both men and women have more choices that go beyond pill form. For men, there are pills, sprays, and creams for desensitizing, enhancing size, longevity, and stamina. For women there are creams, sprays, and oils that tingle, get warm or cold and enhance sensation of the clitoris, G-spot, or nipples. We've complied a list of our most popular male and female enhancements and why we believe them to be the best.

Male Enhancements

Male enhancements are most commonly in pill form, a sort of "herbal Viagra", but they also come in a cream and spray form. These products are usually used to last longer and increase size and stamina. We do not recommend these pills if you suffer from heart problems or are on a blood thinner. Desensitizing sprays help with premature ejaculation, are usually applied some time before intercourse and are not generally intended to use if oral will be performed. However, there are creams for men that will heighten sensation and are flavored.

Performance Enhancing

One More Knight is an herbal supplement for men to help increase stamina, size, and time. Take one capsule 20 minutes before sex to help energy, libido and sexual performance!

Prolonging / Desensitizing 

Stud100 is designed to help men delay ejaculation and prolong the pleasures of sex, it has a fast acting Lidocaine base that is safe and easy to use.

Add Sensation

Kamasutra Pleasure Balm® Sensations is a kissable, water-based body gel for romantic play. Formulated to provide a refreshing tingling sensation on the skin. Not a flavored lubricant, Pleasure Balm® is a foreplay gel designed to create sensation and awaken all your pleasure.


Add length and girth with a penis extender. Penis extenders are sleeves that slip over your member and instantly add inches and thickness. There are many variations; some add girth and length, some with ribs and textures, and some with bullet vibrators attached.

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Female Enhancements

Female enhancements usually work by making the nipples, clitoris or the G-spot extra sensitive. These products come in a few forms, but all offer sensations like buzzing, tingling, cooling, warming, or a combination. There are also sexual enhancement pills, serums to lift libido, vaginal tightening creams, and Kegel balls to help strengthen your pelvic muscles.


JO Volt 9v is an all natural clitoral serum with a blend of proprietary arousal botanicals that delivers an electric tingling sensation to take satisfaction to a whole new level. JO Volt is a safe, all-natural clitoral enhancement gel that tingles on contact to increase sensation and enhance satisfaction. The safe all natural formula is pH balanced and free of hormones, parabens, and L-arginine. For more intensity try JO Volt 12v.


JO Warm and Buzzy is a dual acting topical stimulant. This water-based cream provides a thrilling combination of warming AND buzzing sensations. Apply a little during foreplay, toy play or solo-play for heightened pleasure. A little goes a long way.


ON Ice for Her is our best selling cooling clitoral stimulation oil. ON Ice uses a proprietary blend of essential oils and herbal extracts for a safe and natural cooling and buzzing effect on women. It naturally stimulates the clitoris to boost arousal for optimal pleasure. It also helps with the release of natural lubrication from the vaginal walls. Just 1-2 drops can make all the difference.


Intimates Organics' Discover G-Spot Gel contains a blend of certified  organic extracts, Japanese peppermint oil blended with L-Arginine. This unique formula increases the size and the sensitivity of the G-Spot making it easy to  find.


Feel brand new with China Shrink Cream! Simply apply the cream around the vaginal area, and in five minutes the muscle-tightening agent in the cream will not only tighten your vagina for a more intense feeling during intercourse for both you and your partner, but will also increase your overall sensitivity for new levels of amazing stimulation!

Nipple Plumper

Perk up and experience stimulating new sensations with JO Nipple Plumper. This natural cream uses a dual-action formula to immediately heighten sensitivity of nipples during intimate play and over time enhances aesthetic appearance with consistent use.

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