NEW!! Satisfyer Vibrators - Fun Factory Twins?

NEW!! Satisfyer Vibrators - Fun Factory Twins?

Some of these vibes are exactly like others! Today we're talking about the newest line of Satisfyer vibrators and why they look just so darn familiar. The Master, Petting Hippo, Yummy Sunshine, and Power Flower vibes all go for a reasonable $74.99, are magnetically charged, and are waterproof. Lets visit each and look at them individually!

The Master


The Master is a gift to those out there that love some girth! This vibe has such a nice low, deep vibration frequency, and has some nice flexibility in the shaft. The Master looks very similarly to the Big Boss by Fun Factory, and is nearly identical in length and girth. The vibration frequency is definitely different between the two, as the Fun Factory doesn't have as rumbly of a motor. I'm sure there is some difference in battery life and quality, but so far, thee Satisfyer vibes have really impressed us!

***This is the Big Boss by Fun Factory, for comparison.***

The Petting Hippo


 The Petting Hippo is this lines G-Spot vibrator. With the same flexible material as the rest of the series, this rumbly cutie is amazing for G-Spot exploration! Don't be afraid to use this vibe externally either. The nose on this vibe makes this a great toy to reach with during intercourse. Half G-Spot toy, half clitoral toy, all around awesome vibe. This vibrators twin is the Patchy Paul by Fun Factory, an equally unique vibe shaped for awesome G-Spot stimulation. If buzzy vibrations don't do it for your G-Spot, maybe what you've been lacking is the Hippo here.

 ***This is the Patchy Paul by Fun Factory, for comparison.***

Yummy Sunshine

The Yummy Sunshine vibe is a very simple, slender vibrator. Much less girthy than the Master, and not as G-Spot focused as the Hippo, Sunshine here is this lines "basic dildo" shaped vibrator. Being that it's non phallic as well, it's much more appealing as a first vibrator! The fun ridges give some unique texture to this toy, and the rumbly motor, again, makes this a very impressive first toy (or addition to the collection). This vibe's twin is somewhat similar to the Semilino by Fun Factory. Though the ridges and size are different, this is a really amazing dupe for a famous favorite.

***This is the Semilino by Fun Factory, for comparison.***

Power Flower

The Power Flower is a super high powered clitoral toy that delivers a light flicking sensation from the little petals! The Power Flower is a really unique clitoral toy. There are a lot of flicking clitoral toys on the market, but none have the power that this pretty thing does. Most clitoral toys have that buzzy, high pitched frequency to them, which makes this a really unique kind of clitoral toy. This is a really great toy for someone who enjoys the flicking, fluttery idea but have been overwhelmed with too powerful of a motor before. A lower frequency is great for people with a sensitive vulva or someone who wants more depth of vibration. This vibe's twin is the Volta by Fun Factory.
***This is the Volta by Fun Factory, for comparison.***


I hope you found a new vibe to add to your collection! We've been so excited by these new additions, so we hope this guide narrowed down the differences between them, along with what makes them so special. Come on in to pick up our Demo of the Master, feel the vibration and the material, and decide for yourself if one of these would be a nice addition to the family! As always, thanks for being curious.


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