Top Ten Must Have's for the Perfect Valentine's Day!

Top Ten Must Have's for the Perfect Valentine's Day!
Fun For Her:
Fantasy For Her Pump - At first glance, this interesting looking toy can seem a bit...intimidating. I can promise you that this toy is the one you've been waiting for! The first thing you notice when you look at the Fantasy For Her Pump is the clear cone at the end of it that encases a small silicone tongue. Yes, it is what you're thinking. You now have oral sex at the touch of a button! The cone is perfectly shaped to fit comfortably over a woman's vulva in order to pump that area. While the powerful pump is in action, you can put the silicone tongue to work by turning it on and allowing it to flick back and forth over the clitoris. Not enough for you? Flip it around as the handle is an insertable vibrator.
Sensuelle Bobbii XLR8 - This isn't just your average vibrating bullet. The Sensuelle Bobbii XLR8 is a flexible, silky smooth powerful clitoral vibrator that blows your average bullet out of the water. For anyone that needs powerful clitoral stimulation, the Bobbii XLR8 will provide you with just that! This bullet comes with a 12 second turbo boost feature which means when you've reached the point of orgasm, you press the button to turn on the turbo boost that will give you 12 seconds of extremely powerful vibration... enough to send you over the edge. The best part of the Bobbii XLR8 is that its small enough to conveniently be used during intercourse. You can lay the bullet in between you and your partner in certain positions or it can be held in place during certain positions. The Bobbii is the perfect addition to your bedroom this Valentine's Day!
Fun For Him:
Nexus Prostate Toys - Consider investing in a prostate toy for your partner this V-Day! The Nexus prostate toys come in many different shapes and sizes that are all made for mind blowing prostate play. With prostate toys that range in size, different textures, and powerful vibrations, there's an option for anyone whether they're a beginner or a pro at prostate play!
Zolo Pocket Stroker - These open ended stroking sleeves are the perfect small addition to any man's toy collection. With a bit of lubricant these tight and textured sleeves can glide over the penis with the perfect amount of pressure to stroke with. What makes them even more fun is since they are open ended, oral can be performed on the penis when the stroker is in use.
Fun For All:
Tryst - A toy that can be used as a male solo toy, a female solo toy, or as a couples toy? Look no further than the Tryst. This toy has 3 powerful yet quiet motors that will leave you completely mind blown. Its unique shape offers an unlimited amount of ways to use this toy! It can be used as a vibrating penis ring during intercourse, providing stimulation to both the testicles and the clitoris depending on what position you and your partner are in. You can use the two curved ends internally to stimulate the female g-spot or externally on the clitoris. The two end prongs can also be used to massage the penis. There's no limit to the fun that can be had with the Tryst.
MysteryVibe Crescendo - The Crescendo is the world's first body adapting, 6 motor smart vibrator. Made out of a smooth silicone the crescendo is completely flexible and can be shaped into the toy that you desire. With its flexibility you have the option to use it during intercourse in any shape that is the most comfortable for you and your partner. You can also use it around the penis and as a male solo toy or use it internally/ externally as a female solo toy. Plus with the app you can control the Crescendo at the touch of a finger and create your own custom vibration patterns.
We-Vibe Sync - Known as one of the most popular date night toys, the We-Vibe Sync is made for anyone feeling a bit adventurous and risque. The Sync is shaped like a U and is an adjustable, wearable vibrator. One side of the U is worn internally and the other piece sits externally on the clitoris. Providing the user with intense dual stimulation. What sets this vibrator apart from the rest? Its ability to connect to an app that allows your partner to control your toy from anywhere in the world. Making this the perfect toy to wear out to your Valentine's dinner! Added bonus: With a lot of lubrication, the sync can actually be worn during intercourse, providing your partner with stimulation as well!
Vedo Bump - Don't let the rather slim size of this anal plug fool you... The Vedo Bump is equipped with deep and rumbly vibrations that are much desired. Made out of a soft silicone with a bit of lubrication will glide with ease. The size of the Bump plug is a great option for any anal beginner or anyone that partakes in anal play on the regular. Rechargeable, whisper quiet, and fully submersible, what more could you want?
Sincerely Lace Bondage Accessories - Thinking of putting together a mini bondage kit for some extra kinky fun on Valentine's night? The Sincerely Lace Midnight Black accessory line by sportsheets is just the right balance of sexy and classy. Consider adding their blindfold, cuffs, leash or paddle to your collection. Take away your partner's sense of sight with the Sincerely Lace blindfold that is lined with soft, inviting fabric. Restrain your partner with cuffs that are not only durable but comfortable enough for any lengthy play time. The Sincerely Lace Bondage accessories are just the perfect amount of kinky to set the mood for your special night.
Kama Sutra Massage Candle - Looking for something a bit different than your regular massage oil? Allow the Kama Sutra Massage Candle to enhance any massage sessions you and your partner take part in together. Light this candle about 20 minutes before play time and wait for the candle to melt into a warm, slippery, and delicious smelling massage oil that can be poured directly onto your partners body. Since this candle is not made with wax, it burns at a very low temperature that will not burn the skin. Does a sensual massage sound good for your Valentine's Day?

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