The 5 Best Christmas Ideas - For Him

The 5 Best Christmas Ideas - For Him





Shopping for the holidays is always stressful. Between trying to remember the thing your partner mentioned that they wanted six months ago, buying small gifts for the family, and subtly asking what someone else wants this year, there's far too much planning that goes into Christmas shopping, isn't there? The good news is we hand-picked 5 of the best Christmas ideas for him, her, and couples. Though everybody (and every body) is different, our picks are sure to please everyone. Please make sure your partner doesn't already have it before you buy it, too!


For Him


Kiiroo Keon Combo Set ($274.99, in-store and online)

If you're familiar with the Fleshlight Launch, this is similar, although smaller than the launch! The Kiiroo Keon is a fully automatic stroker with buttons on the side to easily change the speeds, and it has Bluetooth capabilities so that you can use it over the phone app, with VR devices, and for cam sites. The Keon is capable of 230 strokes per minute at full speed, and the battery life varies between half an hour and an hour and a half, depending on which mode, stroke length, and speed you are using.


VeDO Hummer 2.0 ($439.99, in-store and online)

The VeDO Hummer 2.0 is our most popular men's toy in-store. It offers hands-free stimulation in a way that's a bit complicated to explain, so I'll include a video here of exactly how the Hummer works (seeing it for yourself is better anyways, right?). The Hummer 2.0 even has a vibrating stroker add-on that you can buy that works either with the machine or separately from it. Every customer who buys one in-store and comes back always says it's their favorite purchase!


Fun Factory Manta ($149.99, specific colors in-store and online)

This toy got featured on How to Build a Sex Room, and it's a fantastic choice. Though some people don't like that it's a stroker and not all over vibration, the power is unmatched, and customers love that it's waterproof. The shape is excellent for stimulating specific parts of the shaft and testicles and has a fantastic rumbly vibration for deeper stimulation. Some people use it on the shaft during vaginal or anal intercourse for more vibration and pleasure for both parties. Vulva owners also use it for pinpoint clitoral stimulation, so it's almost a couple's toy just by design!


Gender X Message in a Bottle ($149.99, in-store and online)

In terms of mid-range men's toys, this one has been flying off our shelves. It does it all--spins, vibrates, thrusts, and even comes with headphones to use the talk-back feature. The only downside is it isn't fully hands-free like the Hummer, but all you have to do is hold the base of it when in use, and it even comes with a detachable suction cup to use hands-free in places like the shower (or even the bedroom if you're creative). It even has a turbo boost button that immediately jumps to the highest setting!


Lelo Hugo ($249.99, only one color available in-store)

The Lelo Hugo is our best prostate toy for those who either enjoy prostate stimulation or are recommended to use prostate toys by their doctor. The design alone reflects the price point, and you can tell it's a high-quality toy just by holding it! The remote control vibrates for those using it with a partner, so whoever's holding the remote can feel the intensity the toy is set to and technically can be used as a secondary vibrator for mutual masturbation or stimulating the head of the penis at the same time. If you don't want the remote to vibrate, hold the middle button for 5 seconds to disable that feature. The remote can also change the vibration intensity by tilting it up and down due to its internal sensor. Plus, all Lelo toys come with a 10-year warranty through the company; they're entirely replaced for free within the first year, then 50% off a new one for the next nine years!


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