The 5 Best Christmas Ideas - For Couples

The 5 Best Christmas Ideas - For Couples





Shopping for the holidays is always stressful. Between trying to remember the thing your partner mentioned that they wanted six months ago, buying small gifts for the family, and subtly asking what someone else wants this year, there's far too much planning that goes into Christmas shopping, isn't there? The good news is we hand-picked 5 of the best Christmas ideas for him, her, and couples. Though everybody (and every body) is different, our picks are sure to please everyone. Please make sure your partner doesn't already have it before you buy it, too!


For Both


We-Vibe Chorus ($219.99, in-store and online)

The We-Vibe Chorus has always been our top recommendation for couples seeking mutual pleasure, hands-free, and during intercourse. This toy is app-compatible and is worn internally with two separate motors for the g-spot and clitoris. The toy itself is bendable and will stay as wide as it's adjusted to, so I've even recommended that some couples use it as a stroker with some hybrid lubricant! The two sides of the toy have separate motors that you can control independently, for if you want more vibration externally than internally or vice versa. The included remote is also pressure-sensitive, so if you squeeze it, the toy will increase in intensity, making it perfect for staying in the moment with your partner. 


Lovense Nora & Max 2 ($145.99 each, in-store only)

The Nora and Max 2 is the perfect toy combo for long-distance relationships or individuals who have to be away from home for work but still want to be intimate with their partner. The Nora and Max 2 are app-compatible and sync with each other too! This simultaneous syncing ability means that you can control both toys together in the app, giving it the unique feature of being able to share pleasure no matter how many miles apart you two are. 


Strap-On-Me Vibe Medium ($136.99, online only)

Familiar strapless strap-on users might find that the weight of the strap-on heavily impacts their experience while using them, which is where the Strap-On-Me Vibe comes in. This toy is the perfect strap-on for frequent users, with a bendable insertable bulb for the wearer and three motors; one in the bulb, one in the area the clitoris sits against, and one in the tip of the penis. It even comes with a remote to control each of the motors separately, so you can up the intensity wherever you or your partner need it. The wire the insertable bulb connects to is strong enough to hold the angle you adjust it to, even through thrusting. Strapless strap-on users may still want to use a harness to help support the toy and press it closer to the clitoris, so the wearer receives more pleasure! The Strap-On-Me Vibe has three different vibration patterns in each motor, and three different intensities for each pattern, totaling 12 unique options for vibration, all in one toy!


Together Vibe 2.0 ($219.99, in-store and online)

Together Vibe is the perfect double dildo made with couples in mind. Ideal for couples who prefer grinding, this toy has rabbit ears on each side of the double dildo and a unique feature: the Echo Function. Letting you feel your partner's arousal, the Echo Function will sense changes in pressure on either end of the Together Couples' Vibrator and change the vibration intensity on the other end to match it. So, as your partner reaches orgasm, the vibrations on your side of the toy, including the rabbit ears, intensify. It works just as well when used solo; simply squeeze the other end to feel more intense sensations. I recommended the 2.0 version over the original because it includes a remote, meaning no fumbling with buttons on the toy while in the heat of the moment. The 2.0 has three motors, two in each tip of the shaft and one in the dual rabbits. Each motor has five speeds, meaning personalized pleasure however you or your partner want it.


We-Vibe Date Night Kit ($198.99, online only)

The We-Vibe Date Night Kit is the perfect choice if you and your partner are looking for a good deal on teledildonics. Essentially being two toys for the price of one, the Date Night Kit comes with a Nova 2.0 and a Pivot, both in We-Vibe's Green Velvet color, which for these toys is exclusive to this set (the Touch X comes in a Green Velvet option, however). The slim Nova 2 rabbit vibrator has a posable shaft and flexible clitoral stimulator for stunning vibes, while the firm Pivot vibrating cock ring stretches to fit around most penis sizes. Plus, both toys are compatible with the new and improved free We-Vibe app for long-distance use or easier control while intimate. Nearly everything you need is inside the box - all you have to do is add a little of your favorite water-based lube for friction-free bliss!


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