Nipple Clamps Are the Most Underrated Toy!

Nipple Clamps Are the Most Underrated Toy!


If you've stepped into an adult store or shopped online for toys, you've likely seen nipple clamps occasionally. Your first reaction to them is likely to be a mix of curiosity about why people use them and fear that they'd hurt, right? Putting clamps on any sensitive erogenous zone is expected to cause fear in those who have never tried it. But are nipple clamps as scary as they seem, or do they require a decent amount of knowledge of BDSM? Not at all! Nipple clamps are perfect for everyone interested in using them and have plenty of benefits.



What's the purpose of nipple clamps?


The purpose of nipple clamps is to increase sensitivity and intensity by wearing them for a while and then removing them. Most users don't find wearing them painful, especially since many nowadays are adjustable, but taking them off is the most painful part. This pain is due to the rush of blood back to the area after restricting it for some time, but it also causes the increased sensitivity that users love. Think of it like a clitoral stimulating cream: those creams use menthol or cinnamon to bring blood flow to the area and improve sensation. Nipple clamps achieve the same concept by using pressure instead of heat or cold!



How do you use nipple clamps?


A common mistake first-time users make is adjusting the clamps too far. You don't need the clamps to be so tight that they're uncomfortable! Tighten them to the point that the clamps stay on by themselves but not cutting into the skin or causing any bruising. This next part may be a given to some people, but I want to say it nonetheless: if your nipple is turning a bluish color, not as much blood is circulating in and out, and if it's whitish, probably very little blood is spreading through the area. 


Keep an eye on your skin while wearing the clamps, and don't wear them under clothes for or in public when trying a new set of clamps out, just in case they're on too tight. Most people feel a definite "pinching" sensation when the clamps are applied, a much more intense sensation when the clamps are released, and blood rushes back into the nipples. Keep this in mind, and prepare yourself/your partner for the removal of the clamps. Try rubbing the nipples and breasts before, during, and after the removal!



How long can I keep the nipple clamps on?


The general rule is: if all circulation is cut off, you should keep the clamps on for at most 30 minutes at a time, and if your natural circulation is poor, you should only constrict the clamp for a short time. The length of time varies from person to person, so it's a good idea to play at the low end of the tension scale at first, even at the risk of having clamps fall off when your arousal state isn't as high. Then see what you like as you progressively increase the tension. Some people want to play with nipple clamps intermittently – five minutes here, ten minutes there – and never get close to the 30-minute clamp time.



Is everyone using nipple clamps other than me?


Possibly! Nipple clamps are incredibly popular in the BDSM and kink community, understandably so. Although the sensation of nipple clamps might not be for everyone, many say that it feels more "exciting and intense" rather than painful, especially for those who have already indulged in different aspects of BDSM. But that doesn't mean their usage is limited to only those into BDSM and kink! They're more widely used than many think, and they're worth researching if you think they might work well for you and your sexual experiences.



Are there different types of nipple clamps?


As you do more research into clamps, you'll notice that there are many different types out there! Before you choose the prettiest pair, there are a few things you should pay attention to, such as what material they're made of if you have sensitive skin, whether the tips of the clamps are covered in silicone to make them less painful, and what shape they are.


Like Fifty Shades's The Pinch clamps, tweezer clamps are an excellent choice for beginners. They have a small bar to adjust the grip so you can vary the intensity, and the tips are padded to help keep the metal from digging into the skin. Just slide that small bar up to tighten and down to loosen. They're also a bit more of an accessible option for those who struggle with fine motor movements since standard alligator clip clamps have a small dial you turn to adjust the tightness.


Alligator clip clamps will be the most common type you'll see and may even be the design you're most familiar with when you think of clamps. A great example of alligator clip clamps is the CalExotics Crystal Chain Clamps, where you can see that not only are the tips still padded but that small dial I mentioned before is shown. For older users or those with medical issues, there may be better options due to the size. If you find adjusting these clamps difficult, there's no harm in sticking with tweezer clamps! What works best for you and your needs will always be your best option.


Once you're more experienced with clamps and know what you do and don't like, you may look for something new to add to your collection. Vibrating nipple clamps, like the CalExotics Rechargeable Nipplettes, are an excellent option for those who want something new and are comfortable with clamps without padded tips. They're also a perfect option for accessibility since you open them just by squeezing the sides! Vibrating nipple clamps are great for stimulating a new erogenous zone since the clamps will already heighten sensitivity.



What if nipple clamps don't work for me?


Trying something and finding out it's not for you is perfectly okay! Make sure to communicate this with your partner. However, if they're not working for you due to low sensitivity or anatomy, we may have some solutions for you; even better, this suggestion works for both problems!


Nipple-stimulating creams can help increase sensation and make the nipples more erect, making it easier to use clamps. These creams work similarly to clitoral stimulating oils and lotions! They utilize cooling ingredients to pull blood flow into the area to increase sensitivity and cool down the skin, so it's also an excellent addition to sensation play. Our best-selling nipple stimulants in-store are the Exsens Nipple Arousal Creams, like this peach one!


If you're still unsure that nipple clamps are suitable for you, I encourage you to research other people's experiences using them, such as this Reddit thread, where users discuss their favorite styles of clamps and how well they work for them. Talk about it with your partner, and see if they'd be interested in it, too! When you or your partner are ready, check out our collection of nipple clamps, and find which ones look best for your experience level and desires.


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