Do Men Use Sex Toys? Time to Deconstruct That Thought and Enjoy True Pleasure

Do Men Use Sex Toys? Time to Deconstruct That Thought and Enjoy True Pleasure

At the risk of jumping straight to the conclusion, the answer is yes – men use sex toys.  In fact, adult sex toys for men are exponentially more popular than you might think.
Exactly how many men enjoy sex toys (either alone or with a partner) will always be a mystery.  Some estimates point to a figure of around 45%, but this doesn't allow for the millions who aren’t comfortable admitting what they get up to in the bedroom.
If they were, chances are the figure would be much higher.
The market for male sex toys has exploded in terms of both its size and diversity over recent years. The sheer scope of what’s on offer is simply extraordinary. All are designed with one thing and one thing alone in mind – the best sex you’ll ever have.
Hence, if you can get beyond the initial nervousness of experimenting with sex toys for the first time, you’ll soon realize what you’ve been missing out on.  Not to mention, find yourself with a million and one ways to spice up your sex life and discover a whole new side to masturbation.


The Benefits of Male Sex Toys

Aside from the pursuit of pure pleasure, male sex toys can bring a bunch of benefits that may surprise you. If you’ve been looking for a good excuse to treat yourself to a new toy, here are five ways you stand to benefit by experimenting with male sex toys:
Better Physical Health
First, masturbation is good for you…it just is. Likewise, treating yourself to truly explosive orgasms on a regular basis can also do a world of good for your physical health. It’s good for the cardiovascular system, it plays a role in supporting the immune system, and it contributes to better psychological health.  Studies have even shown how masturbation (and sex in general) can lead to a lower risk of developing prostate cancer. So if you thought male sex toys were all about nothing but basic sexual gratification, think again!

Improved Sexual Health

There’s also much to be said about how male sex toys can contribute to a person’s sexual health. Particularly in the case of those who struggle with conditions like ED or premature ejaculation, experimenting with sex toys really can work wonders. They can teach you to last longer in the bedroom and can provide the kind of sensory stimulation you’ve never before experienced.  All of which could help you build the kind of confidence you need to perform better between the sheets and enjoy a more satisfying sex life as a result.

Strong Relationships

On that note, bringing sex toys into the bathroom can open the door to the most amazing sex imaginable for you and your partner. It’s worth remembering that along with sex toys designed for him or her, there are also gadgets you can pick up that are designed to get the job done for both of you simultaneously.  Sex toys can be a great way to strengthen the relationship and ensure you get the most out of every experience. It also gives you every opportunity to learn what your partner likes and to give them more of it.

A Must for Long-Distance Loving

For those looking to make long-distance relationships work, virtual sex is a must. From horny phone calls to video sex to sexting and so on, you need to work hard to keep things exciting and satisfying while separated.  Precisely, where bringing a few sex toys into the mix can make all the difference in the world. You can’t physically touch each other, but you can stimulate the feeling of real sex with a whole world of goodies at your disposal. The more fun you have together (albeit from a distance), the higher the likelihood your relationship will go the distance.

Learn What You Like

Experimenting with male sex toys provides you with the perfect opportunity to find out exactly what you like.  You can play around with all manner of kinks, push your boundaries, and try things out that you never thought you would.  And in doing so, you may find you’re actually way kinkier than you realized. Even if you decide to keep your new favorite activities to yourself behind closed doors, you’ll still be able to enjoy them to your heart’s content.


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