The 5 Best Christmas Ideas - For Her

The 5 Best Christmas Ideas - For Her




Shopping for the holidays is always stressful. Between trying to remember the thing your partner mentioned that they wanted six months ago, buying small gifts for the family, and subtly asking what someone else wants this year, there's far too much planning that goes into Christmas shopping, isn't there? The good news is we hand-picked 5 of the best Christmas ideas for him, her, and couples. Though everybody (and every body) is different, our picks are sure to please everyone. Please make sure your partner doesn't already have it before you buy it, too!


For Her


Womanizer Premium 2 ($199.99, in-store and online)

The Womanizer Premium 2 is one of our top recommendations. We've found that most of our in-store customers who try air pulsation toys for the first time return for another one, and the Womanizer Premium 2 is our best-selling option! I love the Smart Silence feature specifically. If you've ever been in a situation where you have to turn off a toy super quickly, you know how hard it is to accomplish that without getting too loud and noticeable; that's where Smart Silence comes in! The Womanizer Premium 2 will only run when the head of the toy makes contact with skin, helping keep things quiet and even save battery. Plus, it has 240 minutes of runtime for each charge!


Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion ($229.99, in-store and online)

The Bi Stronic Fusion recently got its claim to fame through Netflix's How to Build a Sex Room, but it's always been a fan favorite for its unique technology. It's both a thruster and a rabbit, but the motor in it is a bit different than others, though it can't be used by those who have pacemakers, so keep that in mind! Gone are the old noisy, mechanical-sounding thrusters--the smooth vibrations and thrusting speeds are sure to excite with Fun Factory's patented hands-free thrusting technology. The handle on this toy is weighted, making it able to be used without holding onto it, perfect for any pillow princess! Plus, its shape makes it ideal for g-spot stimulation and anal play since the clitoral extension also doubles as an anal-safe flange! I've heard of some customers using this toy 4-5 times a week, and it is still running like new four years later, so it certainly is worth the investment.


Deia Hot & Cold ($156.99, in-store and online)

Sure, people have heard of heating g-spot toys--but what about one that gets cold, too? Meet the Hot & Cold by Deia, perfect for temperature play lovers. Not only does this toy have ten different vibration speeds and patterns, but it warms up or cools down in a matter of seconds once you press either the sun or snowflake button. Only the g-spot portion of the toy will change temperature, which is either a hit or a miss depending on your or your partner's preference. With that in mind, this can also be a fantastic toy for external sensation play. Though it sounds odd, I'd use a bit of water-based lubricant to run the toy over the skin while your partner wears a blindfold. This toy is versatile and a sensation play lover's dream, with a handle that can easily rock the toy's curved tip against the g-spot.


VibePad 2 ($179.99, in-store and online)

If you or your partner love sit-on grindable toys, the VibePad 2 is a fantastic option. This toy comes with a remote to easily change the speed, warms up, and even has a flickering tongue feature that works wonders with a bit of water-based or hybrid lubricant! This toy heats up to 131°F/55°C, and you can control all of the functions separately for those who want a fully customizable experience. Plus, to save battery, the toy will turn itself off automatically after it hasn't been used for 30 minutes, which is perfect for those who constantly forget to turn their toys off afterward, like me! The remote and the pad are both rechargeable, so there's no fumbling with batteries, and the remote will connect to the toy from up to 32 feet away. This toy is perfect for those who love watching their partner get off or those who like being blindfolded and tied up; the possibilities are endless!


Mini Halo Wand ($69.99, in-store and online)

For our in-store customers, it's no surprise that this toy would make it onto our top 5 toys for vulva owners. The Mini Halo wand is our best-selling in-store wand--and for a reason! I've had customers return after purchasing one and say it changed their lives. This wand may be mini, but it sure is mighty. With a memory chip function that stores what setting you were on when you last turned it off and 20 different speeds and functions, this little toy is perfect for travel or a stay-at-home day! The vibration is still rumbly like other larger wands, but my favorite part is that on the lower settings, you can't feel the vibration in the handle, meaning whoever's using it won't have to deal with a numb arm halfway through. It's completely covered in silicone and comes in 5 different colors, so there's plenty of customization! If you still have doubts that this wand is a great choice, I'd like to note that everyone who works at Intimates owns one and loves it so much that it's still everyone's go-to recommendation for wands; even those of us who have worked here for years and have seen plenty of toy options.


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