Our Top 5 Summer Faves!

Our Top 5 Summer Faves!

The Adult Toy Industry is forever blowing our minds with every new and exciting toy that hits the market! These are our top 5 favorites of summer 2019!

5. Jockmail Men's Underwear: There are a bunch of different styles to choose from in the Jockmail Underwear line! Every piece is unique with vibrant colors and different cuts to frame your body the way you want it! Men deserve to look and feel stylish and sexy too!


4. Sensuelle Trinitii: Tongue flickering toys are all the rage right now! Its everyone's way of saying we want oral and we want it now! Well now you can get it at the touch of a button. This little lady offers pin point stimulation of the clitoris, teasing your sensitive areas with 26 different patterns of vibration, suction and flickering. What could be better than that?


3. Kiiroo Onyx2: A male masturbator that knocks all other male masturbators out of the park! This powerful, lightweight, and discreet stroker takes things to a whole new level by offering VR, classic 2D content, and the ability to connect to any other Kiiroo toy! With its 10 contracting rings and ability to reach up to 140 strokes per minute, the Kiiroo Onyx2 will be sure to leave you mind blown!


2. Vedo Bump: This vibrating butt plug may look like nothing special when you first glance at its long narrow body but after feeling the deep and rumbly vibrations of this toy, you'll be left feelings things you never felt before in places you didn't know could feel that way.


1.Vedo Yumi: This tiny clitoral toy lives up to the hype of all the other Vedo toys! With its vibrant colors and strong vibration, what sets it apart from other Vedo or clitoral toys? The fact that using it is almost completely effortless! This toy fits right in between your middle and index finger, allowing you to sit back, relax and let the Yumi do all the work! The finger feature allows you to use this as a couples toy during intercourse as well. Good things really do come in small packages.


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