Tech Toys by Lovense

Tech Toys by Lovense

Tech toys are becoming a big thing and Lovense is here to deliver. They have some of the best tech toys that are sure to excite you and your partner. Great for short range or even long distance, these app-based toys are great for everyone!



 So! Let's start out with one of our most popular, The Lush 2! An improvement of the Lush 1, the Lush 2 is an egg style Vibrator that is designed to hit your G-spot with ease. With its smooth silicone exterior and its wide range of vibrations and patterns, it is sure to please. This toy, along with the others on our list, can either be controlled with the button on the toy itself or on the Lovense app.


 Next up is the Hush! This guy is perfect for Anal play for males, females, and everyone in between. The Hush has some girth so it isn't recommended for beginners but definitely the right toy for when you are ready to take the next step and add some vibration. The Hush has a small curved edge on it that is perfect for giving some external Prostate stimulation on the Perineum nerve.

Nora and Max

Now these two I am excited to talk about! Max and Nora are two of the coolest Couples Toys on the market because they can either be used individually or in tandem with each other. Nora rotates, speeds up, and is basically being controlled by the person who is using Max. When one person is squeezing Nora, Max will slightly constrict and squeeze the penis. These two are great for long distance relationships!


 Last but not least, The Edge. Similar to The Hush, this guy is designed for anal play. The biggest difference between the two are that The Edge is perfect for prostate stimulation. It also has an adjustable neck that could make it more comfortable for the wearer. Again, it is not the best Anal toy for beginners but great for someone who is looking to explore more in the realm of prostate pleasure and butt play. The Edge also has duel motors so you get added Perineum stimulation.


All of these tech toys are amazing because you can use them in all different situations; such as, solo, long distant relationships, and even Camming. Tech toys open up a whole world of fun.



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