Tech Toys by We-Vibe

Tech Toys by We-Vibe

If you have had some experience with remote control toys in the past and you are ready for the next step, then We-Vibe may be your next move. With their plethora of options for different experiences and Bluetooth capabilities , you are sure to find the toys that suites your needs.


First on the roster is Moxie. When it comes to pantie vibes, Moxie tops the charts. While most pantie vibes rely on you to make sure they stay in place, this one has a strong magnet that sticks to the outside of your garment to make sure that it stays in place all night. Moxie has manual control on the toy itself but can also be used through the We-Connect app for long distance play.



New to the game is the Melt. Now, I know that most of you have heard of the wonder of suctions toys and the Melt is just that. It is also awesome to use during intercourse because of its small handheld shape. Just like the others, it can be used with app for solo or long distance play.


Next up is the Sync. Now the Sync is pretty neat for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons being it could be incorporated into penetrative sex. How? Well is it designed in a way that the clitoral vibe is press right where you want it to be while it has a slim tail that wraps around inside. That slim tail is also made in such a way that it will give you some g-spot stimulation. The 'clip' of the Sync is also adjustable because We-Vibe understands that one size may not fit all.


Now the Nova is almost like your basic rabbit but from the future! With its ergonomically designed body, it is perfect for g-spot and clitoral stimulation. The part that is made for external stimulation flexes with the pressure you apply and makes sure that you don't miss out on a ounce of pleasure. As with the others, it has the buttons on the handle but is used best with the app for a more customized experience.



So! These We-Vibe toys are perfect for the person that wants easy controls through an app right on their phone or the person who has a partner on the other side of the world whom they want to have a little fun with. All these toys have versatile uses for different situations. You would just have to see which is the perfect fit for you.



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