Fantasy For Her; Her Ultimate Pleasure Pump

Fantasy For Her; Her Ultimate Pleasure Pump

"What the heck is that?"

That was the first thing to come out of my mouth when I saw this strange looking, bright purple device. To be completely honest, it looked like an overkill. A vibrating vaginal pump that simulates oral sex? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Ah, but it is true! Because this toy was oh, so good! When i first took the Her Ultimate Pleasure pump out of its package and placed it on my forearm to test the suction, I was very pleasantly surprised. It immediately started pumping away at anything it could grab on my arm. The pump drew my skin far enough in that I was able to start feeling the bright pink silicone tongue flicking away at my arm. And that's when I knew I was sold!

The first thing you notice about this unique toy is the bright purple handle and the vibrant pink tongue. The tongue is surrounded by a see through plastic cone that comes in two different sizes to fit different body types and have different areas of the vulva pumped and stimulated. The tongue comes with an optional textured sleeve that can be placed over it and used to intensify your oral experience with this brilliant toy.

This impressive pump is working overtime with its 4 powerful motors, to get you to where you want to be! That being said, using the Her Ultimate Pleasure Pump was a serious breeze...(And a good time!) The button closest to the tongue is the one that controls the tongues motor. You have 7 different tongue motion patterns to choose from. And trust me, this tongue is skilled! The button right below that controls the suction power. You have three levels of suction power to really pump and tease your most sensitive areas. The higher the suction power is, the more pressure you will be receiving from that flickering tongue. And in case you want to add some pulsation patterns into the suction, or things get a little too intense, there is a quick release button that is directly below the button that controls the suction power. Now, just in case you're telling yourself, "that's still not enough" let me add that this baby is double ended! You read that correctly! The handle you've been holding onto is also an insertable g-spot vibrator! The button closest to the bottom of the handle turns on the vibration that offers you 10 tantalizing modes. This vibration is so powerful that when turned on, you can feel the residual vibration all the way to the tip of the flickering tongue! What else could you possibly need in life other than this toy?

Now have no fear, if this all sounds a bit overwhelming, you do have the option to use any of these functions independently! Cleaning is as easy as pie with the Her Ultimate Pleasure as it is waterproof and can be washed with warm water and toy cleaner. And with its convenient magnetic USB charger, you can have your pump easily charged and ready to go for whenever you're craving some alone time with your new best friend!

Consider making the Her Ultimate Pleasure pump your new favorite toy and make all of your wildest fantasies come true!


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