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Six Reasons to Orgasms Daily

Six Reasons to Orgasms Daily

Tim Sizemore |

A great start to the day can make the rest of the day fly by and be so much better - so why not add an orgasm to your regular routine? Not only will your mornings be much more enjoyable, you'll also benefit from a ton of physical and emotional benefits that last the entire day - and beyond!

1. Less Stress - Orgasms release feel-good endorphin like dopamine and serotonin into the body, leaving you more calm, happy and balanced. Starting the day off with a dose of good vibes will give you the clear mind needed to tackle whatever the day serves you.

2. Better Work Performance - Say goodbye to anxiety and hello to the corner office. A recent study in Scotland proved that people who had orgasms before important speaking engagements felt much calmer and more self-possessed when it came to delivering their speeches. This was probably thanks to the lowered cortisol levels that come from an orgasm.

3. Banish Belly Bloat - When you orgasm, a rush of oxytocin surges through you, making you feel physically amazing - while shoving your cortisol level out of the window. Since cortisol is the hormone behind both stress and belly bloat, you're actually killing two birds with one stone. Go you.

4. Get Smarter - Skip today's regularly scheduled Sudoku puzzle - an orgasm doesn't just make you feel great, it also improves your memory and boosts your brains activity. This is mainly due to a spike in your DHEA hormone - which also gives your skin that amazing post-sex glow. Hello, beauty and brains.

5. Improve Your focus - Masturbation is like meditation. You go through the motions, you do it consistently, you are persistent and regular, and after a while, boom! Your mind changes, you get used to the focusing and relaxing, and you start feeling the benefits. This is because meditation and masturbation both promote mindfulness: the ability to be present, quiet your mind and focus on one thing. Our brains process a lot of information - but with mindfulness, we can learn to slow down and control that flow of information even when we aren't meditating (or masturbating).

6. Good Things Come to Those Who Feel Good - What is it with this widespread belief that what feels good is bad for you, and you can only achieve greatness through suffering? Newsflash: Many things that feel good are also good for you. In fact, a number of studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill show that pleasurable experiences tend to generate upward spirals in our lives.

It's time to get real about orgasms with yourself and do things that give you pleasure while meeting your goals. Ditch that Type-A guilt and remember, much like drinking a green juice or hitting the Stair-master, feeling good is good for you!