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The Womanizer - Changing Orgasms One Clitoris at a Time!

The Womanizer - Changing Orgasms One  Clitoris at a Time!

Tim Sizemore |

While you might be put off by the name of this adult toy, you wont be put off by the feeling. Dont be fooled, although the Womanizer looks more like a clarisonic face cleansing device it is actually one of the most innovative toys on the market to date. The Womanizer is NOT a vibrator, I repeat it is NOT a vibrator. So then what is it? The Womanizer and it's advanced technology makes it possible to have an orgasm without contact! I know I know that seems impossible but it's true. Pulsating Pressure Waves stimulate the clitoris without vibration or over stimulation. An entirely different sensation than that of a vibrator. The Womanizer gives a gentle almost suction to the clitoral area that feels like oral sex but different. How is it different you ask? Well let me just say that orgasms are easy to achieve within one minute with The Womanizer. Oral can sometimes be more tricky, depending on if the clitoris is over stimulated right away, reaching an orgasm can become rather difficult. For most women being able to have multiple orgasms from Oral Sex is nearly impossible because the clitoris becomes over stimulated, making it too sensitive to reach multiple orgasms. With the Womanizer the Multiple Orgasm experience is now possible. The Womanizer has adjustable intensities making multiple orgasms possible at the touch of a beautiful button. If the promise of this amazing orgasm was not enough, The Womanizer is also rechargeable, comes with two silicone caps, is lightweight and comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee! Whats not to love?