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Lube- Not Just for Anal!

Lube- Not Just for Anal!

Charlotte Rose |

Lube is, at least in my opinion, one of the most important part of sex next to consent and pleasure. It can be used and so many different way and for many different reasons. Most people believe that they may not even need to use lube, but it can enhance your sexual experience. I am going to point out a few good lubes and tell you what each has to offer to you and your partner.


 Water Based

Water based lubes are you base line lubricants. They are toy safe and good for all kinds of play. They come in many different thicknesses and textures. Some get tacky (which some people enjoy) and some stay silky and smooth. My two personal favorites are Jo H2O and Swiss Navy. Both of them last a little bit longer than other water based ones I have tried and great for all around everything.



 Silicone lubricants are fantastic for a lot of different kinds of play. They only have one major downfall, they cannot be used to play with silicone toys. I will cause a chemical reaction that will not be nice to the material of your toy. That being said, I recommend it this kind of lube mostly for anal play. Unlike water based lubes that soak into the skin, silicone lubes create a slick barrier on the skin that is long lasting and doesn't come off until you was it off. One of the best selling silicone based lubes out there is Gun Oil. Not only is the packaging cool, but it doesn't get sticky or wear off quickly.



Hybrid lubricants is the last main category that I would like to point out. Hybrids are a mix of water based lube and another kind like oil or silicone. Now you are probably thinking about what I said about silicone lubes. Hybrid are safe for use with silicone toys because there is so little silicone in there that it will not hurt your toys. Hybrids have many of the same benefits of silicone and water based lubes all in one bottle. One of our favorite hybrids in Spunk. It is slick, long lasting, and resembles something that may be slightly unmentionable.

Like I mentioned before, lube isn't just for anal. It can be used to make any kind of play a little more and sometimes a little more safe. Experiment with different kinds and see what you like the most!