Build The Perfect Couples Sex Toy Kit 2020

Build The Perfect Couples Sex Toy Kit 2020

A Sex Toys for Everyone

A couples ring or a female wearable couples toy like the We Vibe is a must when building a couples perfect sex kit. The question is which one of these sex toys work best for what each couple want. These are 2 of our favorites, either of these couples sex toys would be great choices. The first pick is the is the Roco by Vedo. This isn't your average everyday vibrating cock ring. It has the traditional vibe at the top for the ladies pleasure, it also has a second ring with a vibrator that sits right behind the testicles while applying pressure on the Perineum(Scrotum Area). Giving an external prostate massage while making love with your partner. The We Vibe is worn by the women either as a remote control out on the town for a night of foreplay. The other way this toy is used is worn by the female during intercourse. give her and him hands free stimulation while make love. Women feel this more than men.


Lets find her some great toys

We think there are 3 types of toys that all women should have in there arsenal. May we first suggest an internal vibrator to use before and after intercourse. Maybe go with a size that is different than your partner. We suggest the Satisfyer Vibes as a great choice. These vibes come in several sizes and have a deep rumbly vibration that make it perfect for internal sex toy play. These vibes also have a factory 10 year warranty, are rechargeable and use a body safe super soft silicone cover. May we suggest the Satisfyer Master, One of the best sellers in our store.


Sex Toys for him but she can help

We think part of a great kit is something for the man that be used by the female as well. A Bullet style toy is great for her is great, but can also be applied with pressure or a light touch to the scrotum or base of penis during oral or even while he is inside of you. Just use your imagination and have fun. Another great item for him won't replace the wonderful things you do with your mouth, but will enhance the already fantastic feeling of a blow job. A mini Stroker like Doc Johnson Helping Hand. This little guy can be used to stroke the penis while performing oral. what guy doesn't like so much attention given to his penis.


Must try a suction toy like Satisfyer

One of our favorite new technologies in the adult sex toy business are suction toys. Toys Like the Womanizer, Satisfyer Pro and We Vibe Melt are a must for any kit. Why? Because unlike strong vibrators they do not numb the clit. What does this mean? As a foreplay masturbator because there is no numbing which in turn makes it easy to have multiple orgasms. It will also increase the blood flow dramatically which will keep you at a higher arousal state even as you play through the night. Making this a absolute necessity sex toy for the kit.


You Have to have some bondage for both

One last thing for the kit is some basic bondage play items. We would like to suggest a paddle, under the bed cuffs and a blind fold. These item are a great starter kit for any beginner. The blindfold alone adds a mystery to any sexual encounter, enticing sensory play in a way that we don't always explore. Engaging hearing and surprise touches that you never will see coming. Add that in with cuffs and a paddle just to make sure your partner is awake. This can turn any night into a new experience.


Did we forget anything?

There are tons of different combinations of toys to try but we do believe A great insertable toy, a small clitoral or testicle vibrator, A suction toy and some basic bondage are a perfect combination of toys to experience everything to its fullest. Oh Yea, Don't forget a Male Stroker, he will love it.




Written by Tim Sizemore

Owner, Operator and Sex Educator at Intimates Boutique

Have been owner of Intimates Boutique for 20 years. I am certified in sexual education and sex toy expert. Sharing my knowledge is one of my biggest passions. Hope you enjoy the information.



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