Date Night: A Toy Guide for Incognito Playtime

Date Night: A Toy Guide for Incognito Playtime

Picture this: Its date night. You and your partner have gotten all dressed up, made reservations at your favorite restaurant and are off to see a movie. Sounds kind of typical, doesn't it? Not that dinner and a movie isn't great... but if you could add a little bit of adventure to your date night to spice it up, would you do it? I'm here to tell you that it is possible to have some sexy, secretive playtime without even having to leave the dinner table in the middle of the restaurant. Don't let that scare you though, since no one will actually know whats going on. In this guide, you will learn all about adult sex toys that can secretly be used in public to make your partner squirm at the touch a button, among other toys & accessories that can be used in public without attracting unwanted attention.

 Remote Controlled

Vedo Peach

The first on my list of couples sex toys is the Vedo Peach. The Peach is a vibrating egg that will not only keep you wanting more with its deep vibrations, but it will also help you to build and tone your pelvic muscles while using it. This little oval shaped toy comes with a remote that can click through its 10 different vibration modes. Although the Peach has powerful vibration, it is very quiet making it perfect for discreet play. The Peach is rechargeable and made out of one whole sheet of body safe silicone, leaving it seamless and can be purchased in a hot pink or a dark purple color.


Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty

The Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty is a fun and sexy toy for secret playing. This kit comes with black lace panties that tie on the sides (one size fits most), a small bullet vibrator (your choice of pink or purple), and a remote. This powerful bullet is not only quiet but its small enough that it can fit in the pocket of the panties they provide you with, but it can also fit in the pocket of your favorite panties as well! The bullet does come with an attached retrieval chord allowing you to use it internally. It is not as large as the Vedo Peach but its powerful vibrations make up for its size. The Pleasure Panty remote even has the option to vibrate too. Slide on these vibrating panties for a wild night!


Lelo Tiani 2

Lelo's unique couples toy, the Tiani 2, is built for keeping your partner in full control at the flick of their wrist. The Tiani 2 is U-shaped and comes with a small remote. When you insert the Tiani 2 the smaller arm will please you internally with deep vibrations while the larger arm will sit on your clitoris for intense stimulation. Whats special about this toy is the sensemotion that it uses in order to manipulate the vibration patterns that of which there are 8 modes in total. The first mode allows your partner to tilt the remote to create different vibrations. The second mode will increase vibrations the faster you move the remote. The remote and the massager both vibrate in synchronization. The fun doesn't have to end at dinner as you can wear this toy during intercourse for stimulation of the clitoris while providing stimulation to the penis as well with the rumbly vibrations. This toy is not only rechargeable but it is offered in 3 colors: black, deep rose, and cerise.


App Based

Lovense Lush

This interesting bright pink toy is known as the Lovense Lush and its more powerful than it looks. Let your partner control you for the night with this g-spot wireless toy. There are so many different ways to play with this vibrating egg. Whether you're out clubbing and you sync the vibration to the music around you, or your partner controls the vibration via a phone app, this toy will have you ready and wanting more. The Lovense Lush has a curved body that is great for stimulation of the g-spot and has a long curved antenna that sits comfortably on the outside of your vagina that allows for longer control range whether you're a few feet away from each other or using it long distance. The Lush is rechargeable, waterproof, and made out of 100% body safe material. Being the "whisper quiet" toy that it is, you and your partner's secret, is safe.


We-Vibe Sync

Saving the best for last, leads us to the We-Vibe Sync. Rated the #1 couples toy, this hands free, internal/external vibe is the technology we've been waiting for in the world of adult sex toys! The Sync is a small, adjustable U-shaped toy that you can wear during a night out to provide dual stimulation of the clitoris and the g-spot if you are female, and dual stimulation of the prostate internally and externally if you are male. Hand your partner the remote control while you're on your date to give them the ability to please you without laying a hand on you. If you want to avoid any suspicion at all, have your partner whip out their phone. At just the touch of their fingertips to their phone screen they can have full control of this incredible little toy. The app gives your partner the ability to switch through the 10 different vibration modes, including 3 different levels of intensity. The best part about the sync is as soon as you get home and want to get down to business with your partner, you don't even have to remove the sync as it can be worn during intercourse! The Sync is made out of a body-safe silicone, is rechargeable and comes in two different colors of purple or teal.



Man Cage by Shots

The Man Cage by Shots is a fetish sex toy that is quite interesting for the reason alone that the cage itself doesn't offer any type of vibration or suction to provide pleasure. This toy is all about having control of yourself while your partner may tease and tantalize you. The Man Cage is male chastity cage made from a high-grade polycarbonate which is a very light, durable and hypoallergenic material that is also very easy to clean. This cage essentially makes it impossible to get an erection. Lock yourself away for the night and give your partner the keys. When the night is over, the erection and orgasm that follows after being let out, is very liberating and super intense.


Plaisir Nacré - Pearl Handcuffs

To the public's eye, these disguised cuffs will look nothing more than a pair of beautiful pearl bracelets. When the time is right, link the chain to both, and they become handcuffs. A private and sensual game that is the perfect secret for you and your partner on date night. You can wear these lovely cuffs in pearls, black metallic mesh, or gold metallic mesh in order to match any sexy outfit.


After reading about all the different toys and accessories to really make your next date night, one to remember, come on into our adult store here in Naples, Florida and pick out your date night toy with ease. Hopefully this guide has inspired you to take your date nights up a notch and enjoy them to their full potential.


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