Buying your sex toy from Amazon? Think again!

Buying your sex toy from Amazon? Think again!
We have all come to know and love Amazon. With its great prices, easy shopping, and fast delivery... whats not to love? When it comes to purchasing an adult product on Amazon however, the cons heavily outweigh the pros.
Lets start with the biggest reason that buying your sex toy on Amazon could be a problem...

Purchasing a counterfeit toy

With the pricing as great as it is on Amazon, no one blames you for trying to get the best bang for your buck! However, how good is saving a few dollars when the item you're purchasing is more than likely a knock off of the real thing. Amazon is not a retailer or a manufacturer of adult products, they are a third party marketplace. This means that Amazon allows companies to sell products on their site and depends on these companies for accurate information on the product, but there's not much that's stopping these companies from claiming whatever they want. So yes, you might be saving a few dollars but those dollars won't be worth it when your toy breaks or never works at all... which usually means any warranty that you thought you were covered by, isn't real.
That brings us to...

Return Policy

So what happens when you purchase your sex toy on Amazon and suddenly, there's a problem with your toy? Well most of the time when purchasing from a reliable company, your toy will be covered by some type of warranty. However, going back to the fact that Amazon is only a third party marketplace means that these companies have their own policies and too often they are unwilling to provide a replacement or a refund. And lets say you did accidentally purchase a counterfeit toy, you wont be covered by their warranty, leaving your without a working toy and less money in your pocket.

Hazardous Materials

 Purchasing a sex toy that is made out of a body-safe material is already a struggle due to there being no regulations on adult toys. Using a sex toy that is made out of some type of hazardous material can lead to infections, irritations, and over time many other serious health conditions. These companies that are hiding behind the name that you trust (Amazon) can put whatever they would like on the packaging. Its easy for toy experts to point out if something isn't a body safe silicone like the package claims, but how can a consumer protect themselves from this? Purchasing your toys from reliable and trustworthy companies can help protect you from being sold a toy that is made of unsafe materials.

Don't Always Believe the Hype

Something that almost every Amazon shopper is on the look out for when making their purchases are the reviews! You see 5 stars and you think that you're purchasing the perfect toy. Many times these companies are willing to do just about anything to sell you these toys. This includes faking and buying their positive reviews. You can also get a good idea of what their customer service is really like by looking for a reply to the negative reviews. If the negative reviews are met with silence from the company, you may want to look elsewhere for your toy.

They're Not All the Same

Just because there are a lot of the bad guys selling sex toys on Amazon, does not mean there aren't the good guys selling their toys on Amazon too! Some brands that sell their products on Amazon include: Satisfyer, Vibratex, Tenga, & Shibari.
Remember that the better and safer option would be to shop online at your favorite adult retailer's website or to head on in to your local adult store.
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