NEW - Fat Boy Sheaths by Perfect Fit

NEW - Fat Boy Sheaths by Perfect Fit

What is a sheath? How does someone use a sheath? I'm sure you're asking these and many more questions when presented with these handsome looking toys. A sheath is a wearable extension for men that can be used either with a partner, for solo masturbation, and even by women. These particular sheaths from Perfect Fit are not only textured internally, but externally to give you and your partner extra pleasure. We'll be visiting the Checker Box Sheath and Micro Ribbed Sheath to talk about the many ways to incorporate these toys into your play time!

Fat Boy - Checker Box

In store, we carry the 6.5in and 7.5in sizes of the Fat Boy Sheaths, but all sizes are available on Shop Intimates Online for purchase! The Checker Box pattern is a fun, bumpy, constant texture from hole to tip; there is hardly any break in sensation with the Checker Box pattern. Each sheath has a ball trap for extra support and comfort for the wearer. However, the ball strap can be a fantastic support band for any dildo as well! Want some extra girth to your favorite dildo? Put a sheath over any dildo and secure the ball strap either around the suction cup, or if the dildo includes realistic features, around the testicles. Now you have an extra girthy toy with some brand new texture!

Fat Boy - Micro Ribbed

The Micro Ribbed sheath is an ultra fine textured sheath with ribs all up and down the outside! While the inside is also textured, it seems to resemble more like massage beads, all very tiny and close together, creating a ever-changing texture to slip and slide through. This can be an amazing new feeling for men looking for a new stroker. This kind of toy also produces a lot of suction inside of the sheath. Since there is no airflow but the base, you can create sensations you've never even imagined with just a little tug and pull. While the sheaths can be used solo, they serve as a fantastic girth enhancer for any male. The extra material will make you 2x as wide and 10x more irresistible, all while giving you and your partner an experience they'll never forget.


Whether you're a man looking for a new and interesting toy or maturbator, or a woman looking to improve the toys they already love, or someone in between, a sheath is a really interesting and unique toy to bring to bed. Usually they aren't inexpensive, and they really add a neat dynamic to your toy chest, no matter how empty or full. Next time you're looking to spice things up, look no further than a Perfect Fit Fat Boy Sheath.


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