5 Male Sex Toys You're Missing Out On

5 Male Sex Toys You're Missing Out On

Brands like Fleshlight, Zolo and Tenga are improving every year, in quality, performance and pleasure. The world of men's sex toys is changing for the better, finally! New technologies are being implemented into old ideas, making them not only better, but innovative and inspiring. This blog is going to point out a couple shining stars, as well as some old favorites we don't want to leave behind.

Fleshlight's Kiiroo Onyx 2

At long last, the Onyx 2 is here! Gone are the days of wishing you had a stroker that does all the work for you. The Onyx 2 is an interactive male stroker designed to please even the pickiest buyer. The Kiiroo Series can Bluetooth connect to other toys of it's brand, allowing partners to play together from any distance. This is also a rechargeable toy made of medical grade Silicone, making this a huge step up from those plastic-y, battery operated disappointments we've experienced in the past. The most exciting feature of the Onyx 2 has go to be the encrypted VR experience they provide. Simply register your Onyx 2 online and you'll have access to videos that make your Onyx move and groove! The Onyx is like no other male masturbator. So, what do you say? Are you tired of being disappointed? It might be time to get yourself a Kiiroo.

Satisfyer Heat/Vibration

The Satisfyer Men collection has been a huge hit, and the Satisfyer Heat/Vibration was so impressive, we had to include it in this blog. This is a head massager with a heating element, making it closer to the real thing than ever before. When lubricant is applied, the Satisfyer is slipped over the head of the penis and massages even the most sensitive spots. Rock this amazing device back and forth on the head, or use any of the pulsating patterns it provides in the 70 different vibration functions. You can use this toy with or without the heating element, so for those days you need an extra intense orgasm, you've got all kinds of options.

3D Printed/Spinner Series by Tenga

While these next few toys don't all vibrate, they are expertly designed and have had incredible reviews over the years. The 3D printed Tenga strokers are medium sized strokers each with their own creative and sensational internal patterns. These strokers are longer lasting than those of a similar size/price range, and customers have found that the lack of an outer structure makes these strokers unique, easy to use and clean. The packaging these Strokers come in can double as a drying and storing unit, yet the material of these toys alone make them irresistible.

I really wanted to include the Spinner Series in this blog too, especially so close to it's relative, the 3D Stroker. The Spinner strokers are all uniquely designed strokers that influence the user to move the toy in a spiraling motion. The directional structure of the stroker allows the user to stroke up and down like normal, all the while experiencing a spinning, spiraling sensation like never before. This is a great buy for someone looking for new sensations on a budget.

Flip Hole/Flip Zero Series

Flip Hole

The Flip Hole Series is a larger scale stroker with a little more going on than the Spinner Series. The Flip Hole Strokers hinge open at the back end of the toy, allowing easy cleanup and easy drying. Other strokers can develop mildew over time if cleaned improperly, so this added benefit is super convenient! This Series has 4 different models to choose from; Black, Red, Silver and White. Each is unique in their own way, and can affect the user in different ways. Similar to the Fleshlight Brand, some promote stamina, while others are meant to help you climax ASAP.

Tenga loves to be creative. This chart maps out which colors do what things, and might help you determine which is the best buy for you. All of them have amazing suction capabilities, and the Red specifically has a little tighter of a grip. Buying a stroker can be annoying and hard if you can't see the pattern inside, and I'm glad Tenga recognizes that!

Flip Zero

Like the Flip Hole Series, the Flip Zero Series has all new textures and an upgraded protective shell so your toy will last you even longer. The Flip Hole Series suction pad could crack if held too tight, but in the new Flip Zero, the pad is one piece of plastic vs the original three, which allows the material to move fluidly and not put stress on one side or the other. Additionally, the hinge has been moved to the opening, vs it's previous location on the top of the toy. This gives the hinge support by surrounding it and strengthening it with material, hence preventing cracking and dislodging. This isn't to say that the Flip Hole Series is bad or weak in any way, but there's always room for improvement. Plus, the Flip Hole and Flip Zero Series have completely different textures, so no matter which you go with, you're sure to pick up one of the best masturbators on the market, every time.


And in case you wanted to know, the Flip Zero Series has a vibrating version! How interesting! Throw something new into the mix and try the Flip Zero Vibration. Sometimes that extra boost of stimulation you feel you're lacking, can be solved with a little vibration!


Men's toy's are coming a long way! Every year we get bombarded with new guy's toys to try and review. We love our customer feedback, and we love making sure you're buying a toy you're confident in. Consider one of these toys when purchasing your next Male Masturbator.


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