Best Men's Sex toys 2016

Best Men's Sex toys 2016


Best Male Sex toys 2016


 Intimates Flehlight Stamina Unit

What more can we say.  Fleshlight has been one the top male toys or quite a few years now. because we a Wellness and Intimacy store we think the Stamina Unit is by far the best choice. First of all it creates a consistent pressure from the tip of the penis to the bottom of the shaft. but our favorite thing about this toy is the fact the more you use it the longer it takes you to orgasm. Now to some this may be a problem but 40% of the men out there suffer from finishing too fast. Not necessarily premature ejaculation but just not being able to control how and when to finish. This toy with it lifelike skin and  hard canister to gives you a feel of separation from regular masturbation toys. We rate this as number 5 of our end of year favorite men's toy list.



A Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve.


These type of products are fairly new to the male masturbator market. The Pulse by Hot Octopus being the original toy type to be called a guybrator. The whole idea of this toy is to give vibrations to the Frenulum praeputii  which is the spot where the foreskin connects to the underside of the penis. Which has been referred to as the male equivalent of the clitoris. With Lubricant and the vibration orgasm can be reached quite quickly. If it takes too long to orgasm this toy may begin to desensitize due to the high pitched type of vibration involved. This is why we rate this toy below the Pulse Solo which we will talk about in a minute. All in all this is a fun toy if your looking to incorporate vibration as part of your male masturbation fun.


3. Release by Topco




Fleshlight style stroker

Best Male Sex toys 2016


This is a new line from Topco Products. It has many of the same features as a standard Fleshlight pink.  This one I have reviewed is the mouth version. Has a lifelike opening so you can imagine your favorite lady giving you head. It doesn't get much better than that. At least in my imagination. This toy is surrounded by a hard shell case that again gives you separation from the feel of your hand. Making it feel like someone else is doing something to you just not your hand again. Has a textured interior and and is made out of Fleshlike Cyberskin. This material feels great but will breakdown depending on how much time and use. The thing we like the most is the price. Its 30% less expensive then the fleshlight line of male toys. Still good enough to make number 3 on our list.


2.Pulse 2 Solo




The Guybrator


This is product brought to us from the company Hot Octopus. The thing that separates this toy from the element by Sir Richards is the POWER. I know i capped it. Its that strong. The coolest thing is the Pulse Button. This button hits right on the Frenulum with a consistent thump that excites and will bring you to a pretty fast orgasm. We do recommend that you use a good personal lubricant. Without the lube it may be abrasive due to its powerful motors. This is one of the more innovative male sextoys to come out in quite a few years.


1. Vulcan Mini Realistics




Fleshlight Junior


Best Male Sextoys 2016

I have to admit this is not a fleshlight but it does have some of the things that make a fleshlights great.  It is a self contained reusable masturbator from Topco. Has a textured inside and a lifelike opening that feels like the real thing when lubricant is used. What is really great about this toy is the hard cover holder that makes it similar to fleshlights but makes it so much better than standard strokers with no cover. Whats best about this toy is it is under $20 price point. Much cheaper than any date I have been on. This why we rate this he best toy for men in 2016. 

The best Male Sex Toys.


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