Long Distance Fun - Meet Max and Nora

Long Distance Fun - Meet Max and Nora

Long distance relationship? No problem! Meet Max and Nora Phone App sex? Yes, fun but not everyone is good at dirty talk and this can lead to some really bad phone sex.


How about video sex while you skype? This is actually really really fun but your still not able to do things to each other physically, but it is super fun to watch your partner have an orgasm. With all that said let us introduce you to Max( Male Sex Toy) & Meet Nora ( Female Rabbit Counterpart). What makes Max and Nora the perfect couple. They connect via a phone App that enables the 2 sex toys to interact with each other even if your on opposite sides of the world. I sure you are asking how they interact. its really super cool. Max is a Male Masturbation sextoy that has air bladders, a fleshlike opening with textured inside to give you the feel of being in a real vagina. If you have enough imagination. Her vagina. How Max works is when the your lady friend is using NORA and she uses her vaginal walls to to squeeze the insertable in of the vibrator. On the MAX side the air bladders blow up to simulate the squeezing she is doing from where ever she is. Now when the max is using Max and he begins to stroke it faster and faster. At this time the Nora starts to vibrate faster and faster and the G spot swirl goes fast and faster til Yahoooo, Both of you are exploding into each others virtual sex parts. Tes, I did go a little over the top but you get the idea. mutual pleasure and mutual fun.

 Now lets go into more details about these individual toys. Whats is great about both Nora and Max is they are great sex toys all on there own. Nora is super quiet with a good solid vibration. It runs for about 1.5 hour of continual play. Nora also uses the some of the highest grade silicone on the market and is also waterproof. It is a rechargeable operated rabbit sex toy that vibrates in the clitoral area. With great movement at the GSpot this toy will deliver on sexual pleasure whether alone or when teaming up with Max.


Now Max may be a male sex toy but it the most advanced we have ever seen. looks like the Tenga Fliphole than a traditional Fleshlight. The air bladders in this toy makes it a very unique experience. The vibration is nice and the fact it can interact with the control's on your phone makes this male toy a win.

We recommend these great toys a fantastic way to share sexual experiences even when in a long distance relationship.

We would like to introduce Americas favorite couples Max and Nora



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