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Couples toys are one of the greatest things about being in a relationship is getting into a healthy sex groove where you become totally immersed in each others pleasure. Sex is the No. 1 thing on the menu and both parties just want to do it all the time. Weather you're a new couple, friends with benefits or celebrating your fifteen year anniversary, it's always a good time to explore your fantasies and test your boundaries, which is why we've compiled a list of our favorite couples' toys to enhance your sex life with your partner. Some nights call for toys, and some don't — but when they do, we want you both to experience the best of the best for your play. Best part? You can get them all here!

We-Vibe 4 Plus
This horseshoe shaped couples' vibrator is the latest version of the We-Vibe (a product we absolutely love.) This redesign basically ups the intensity and control, while featuring a much sleeker fit. The We-Vibe is worn by her, but you get to enjoy the benefits too, as it stimulates her G-spot and clit. There are now three vibration modes and an app, We-Connect, that you can customize vibrations and patterns, even if you’re in different countries!

EVA by Dame
Using a toy during sex can be distracting or even counterproductive. With Eva, you’re free to focus on intimacy. For most, Eva provides clitoral stimulations while staying in place and out of the way of penetrative sex. Even in adventurous positions, Eva only needs the help of a single finger to stay secure. Eva is made of medical grade silicone, rechargeable, waterproof, and has 3 powerful speeds. No hands, no hassle.

Jimmy Jane Hello Touch
The great thing about finger vibrators is that it’s basically just making your hands that much more stimulating. The sex toy isn’t dictating what you and your partner do, but just bettering the things you're already doing together. The Hello Touch is a two-finger vibrator with multifunctional settings. It’s waterproof and the power pack is worn on your wrist so it isn’t in the way. Yes, you may feel slightly alien wearing this super-tech fingers, but your partner will be really glad you did.

OhMiBod Blue Motion
Discreet yet anything but boring couples toys, the Ohmibod Blue Motion vibe is your answer to racy fun in public or private. The lacy panties are designed to hold Blue Motion  in the lining, while a partner controls the remote from up to 26 feet away. The vibrator and has 4 integrated manual mode patterns, but OhMiBod Remote App offers more patterns, touch control, motion control, recording features, and can be controlled via wifi.

Heartfelt Warming Massager
This simple heat pack shaped like a heart can be warmed up in boiling water and lasts for 30 minutes of heat. The perfect sensual end or beginning of a session. Massages are a perfect way to start.

Fetish Fantasy’s Leather Bondage Kit
Yeah, we know that ties and blindfolds are all the rage right now because of that faux-BDSM story 50 Shades of Grey, (that movie is not an accurate depiction of BDSM behavior, please remember), however we don’t need a fad to promote a little mystery in the bedroom. Blocking one of her senses means you have to make up for it in other areas and can be great play. Take turns, be safe and have fun.

Let’s F*ck Sex Game
Imagine Candy Land but instead of candy it’s oral sex, dirty talk and all kinds of creative foreplay. This game can be played between you and your girl (or in a group for those of you who get down with that kind of thing). It’s pretty self-explanatory and you really can not go wrong. Crack a bottle of wine, open your mind, grab some toys and let the games begin.

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