How to Buy Your Significant Other a Toy for Christmas Without Blowing Your Cover!

How to Buy Your Significant Other a Toy for Christmas Without Blowing Your Cover!

It's the Holidays, and everyone's trying to get the coolest and newest sex toy for their partner, and we love that! We get lots of questions from ambitious boy friends and blushing partners all year round, but especially starting in November, the most frequent question we get is, "I want to get my girl/boy friend a toy for Christmas, but I don't know what to get them." Usually it's along the lines of "it's our/their first toy" or "I have no idea how to ask them without seeming obvious," which we understand! Gift giving is hard in general, let alone asking about the specifics of a gift they might not have thought you'd get them. That's why we made a guide to toy giving this holiday season!

Ask Yourself!

Before you type "adult store near me" into Google, consider the following; think up a few activities/kinks you both enjoy together. Have either of you had toys before? What do you know they're definitely not interested in (anal, pegging, prostate, BDSM, etc.,)? Are there any activities you've talked about trying? Making a list of positions or activities your partner likes ("she likes G-spot stimulation/fingering", "he's a big fan of a grip around the shaft and testicles", "she likes anal but we're just getting started", etc,.) is an awesome way to, when you get there, explain to your Product Expert where you both are on your sexual journey.


Doing a little personal research online is a great idea too. "Best sex toys", or even "most popular sex toys" feels silly to search, but can bring up reviews and blogs written about new toys that you've never even heard of! Then you have a glimpse into the wide world of toys and what's new out there. Blogs like Hey Epiphora write articles such as "Best/Worst Toys of The Year" and "Best Of (This Toy Company)", and so does Dangerous Lilly (currently, she's on hiatus, but has years of reviews on her website. And boy, she is a tough cookie to please! Her reviews are brutally honest)! Lilly has blogs similar to Epiphora, like "The Best Sex Toys" and "Sex Toy Buying Guides." With the help of both of these awesome toy bloggers, you're bound to be an expert before even walking into a toy store! So, when you're ready, find your nearest sex toy retailer and get started! Here are some good questions to ask/things to mention to your Product Expert once you're there. 

Ask Someone Else!

"Are there any new or unique toys that stand out?" Not every toy fits every person, and some customers go through toy after toy trying to find their 'Mr. Right.' Your Product Expert probably has some personal favorites of their own that they'd be happy to show you, along with anything unique when it comes to technology. Remember; almost every vibrator does the same thing, vibrate! But these days, toy companies, too, are getting tired of the same ol' thing. There are new toys like the Zumio, the Sona by Lelo and the Stronic Series by Fun Factory that all take vibrators to the next level. Seeing the latest in sex toy technology could give you more inspiration to spend a little extra on something out of this world!

"I'm trying to get him/her more into toys and the idea of toys in the bedroom." We love hearing this, and we're happy you two want to experiment with toys! Sometimes it can be a little intimidating, so toys like a Wand or Sex Machine might be way too much at once, but Starter Kits and Anniversary Collections might fit the bill! High end toy companies will sell collections of toys in a big gift pack so you can have a whole start up set without breaking the bank and buying everything individually. The We-Vibe Anniversary Collection is an awesome example of this! The Anniversary Collection comes with a We-Vibe Sync and Tango for $249.99! You basically get a Tango for free, and both charge together in a magnetic charging pod! Asking about gift kits can be an easy way to try a ton of different toys for a cheaper price.

"Maybe a toy is a bit ambitious/expensive. What are some accessories we can get that'll spice it up too?" Even as Product Experts, we're consumers at heart. We understand that a $75+ toy can be a little unrealistic, and the fear of picking out the right toy can be ultra stressful. Some fun accessories you can pick up instead might be a book about oral sex, "50 Things to Do With a Rabbit Vibe" or maybe a position guide! Books are a great way to inch towards an idea or introduce the possibilities of toys in the future. If you've ever been interested in rope tying, we carry a book called "Bondage" that is the perfect beginner-to-expert guide to diving into rope play!

Other accessories could be a pair of Quicky Cuffs, a new lubricant (hybrids are my new favorite, and can totally change up the feel of intercourse/other toys) or even a Liberator! Liberators are fun accessories to invest in, whether you have toys or not! Liberators come in all shapes and sizes, and truly are an amazing cure-all for those hard-to-get positions you love to do. Liberators like the Wedge and Jazz are smaller and won't break the bank, all the while supporting your butt, back or any other part of your body that needs it! 

"What if they don't like the toy I pick? I can't bring it back." You're totally right! And that's a very real worry, but here's my favorite solution for that problem; gift cards! Whether it's one from the toy store itself or a Visa in a card that explains your wishes and wants for this particular gift, a gift card is the most non-intimidating way to introduce the idea of kinky gifts to your partner. Like our store, most toy stores have a website with almost everything that they have in-store, online for you to view and purchase from. Making a list of interesting things to bring in and ask about, either together or just the gift-er, is a great way to ensure you're buying a toy you're both excited to try.


There's a lot of pressure when it comes to Christmas shopping, and there's even more stress in picking out an intimate item like a toy for someone without consulting them first. We know where you're coming from, and we'll be here every step of the way! We hope this guide made you feel a little more confident in purchasing an adult toy or accessory for your significant other, and if you need any more ideas, visit our Website! Or visit Hey Epiphora or Dangerous Lilly's blogs to further your toy research! No matter what you decide, gift card, toy or accessory, it's the thought that counts! Your partner is sure to appreciate not only the gift, but the effort you put in to pick something out for them that's so personal. We hope this guide was helpful in your toy purchasing journey! Happy Holidays!



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