Sex-essories You Never Knew You Needed

Sex-essories You Never Knew You Needed

Sex isn't all about the sex toys and the climax, it's about all the fun you have along the way! Nothing is complete without a few accessories, and this blog is all about some of the shining stars in the Accessory Department. Not only are we going to be talking about lube and position aids, we'll also talk about some toys too! Maybe some big ones, maybe some small ones. You'll have to read ahead to find out just how big we're going to get! Alright, let's quit with the anticipation and just get to it!


There's been no shortage of talk about the Liberators and all their fun different position aids in our blogs, but something we don't point out as hard is the material that covers the Liberators. Each Liberator comes with a highly absorbent, microfiber cover that protects the inner cushion from even your wettest adventures! Water, lube, natural fluids, this material can take it all. These aids are also made of a high density foam that supports your weight in any area, making those acrobatic sex positions possible.

Liberator also makes the Liberator Throw. The Throw is a highly absorbent protective blanket that you can throw down over anything! One side is fuzzy and the other is a soft Velvish material - this is the side that has the water barrier. Either side is safe for liquids to spill on, no one side is better than the other! Similar to the cover over each Liberator, this material will protect whatever's underneath it. Throw it on a chair, the bed, or arrange your Liberators into a comfy position and drape the Throw right over it for a warm and fuzzy seat to lay upon.

Where's My Lube?!

The worst thing to test out, for me personally, is lube. It just gets so lost in the moment. I have no time to pause, run across the room, grab a lube I haven't tested yet, and waddle back to the bed before my partner's penis loses interest. It just ruins the whole show, and I came to binge! That's why I've been saving up for the Touch Warming Lube/Oil Dispenser!

This 'portal to another dimension' looking beauty warms my freezing cold lube to a comfortable body safe temperature that doesn't shock me or my partners genitals. It's not too hot, it's juuuust right. This dispenser can hold up to 4 oz of lube or oil (yes! Warm your massage oils too!) and will dispense by just placing your hand under the center censor. It doesn't quite shout "I AM A SEX LUBE DISPENSER" but it's not 100% discreet either. If you need discreet lube methods, I wouldn't recommend this to you. But, if you have a nightstand shrine of sexy things and don't mind leaving this eye catching beauty out, then more power to you! You now have a new beautiful, functional sex toy sex-sessorie to spark up a conversation with!

 Leather Lingerie

Sometimes the sexiest and most effective lingerie you can wear has the least amount of fabric to it. At the Boutique, we carry a lot of pieces from the Maze Collection by Bijoux Indiscrets, but a few of those pieces stand out the most and would create just the sexiest outfit ever!









This Bijoux Bra Harness is so cute and super simple to put on. This harness clips in the back and around the neck, shaping the torso and giving it a sexy, asymmetrical  look. This kind of piece can be worn above clothing or below something transparent for an extra eye catching accessory. Or, you could get ultra seductive and add some pasties for a fun nude look! These Bijoux Suspender/Belt combo is so sultry and dominant, and would go perfectly with the Bra Harness! Wear your favorite pair of boy shorts or even extend the suspender parts and wear a thong, and pull this hot outfit all together! Alternatively, throw on some hosiery and a short skirt with these and really spice up your outfit!

The less you wear, the better, in our opinion. Especially if you can wear just a little leather! If these two pieces don't do it for you, you can look at the rest of our Bijoux Maze Collection and decide with pieces call your name. For other leather accessories, click here to browse our website!

Add on Toys

These are some toys we carry so you can grab the best vibe in the heat of the moment. These toys all share a common goal - an easy reach when it matters the most!

Ambi - The Ambi is a uniquely shaped clitoral toy meant for any and all positions. The Ambi has rounded edges and pointed edges to attend to the clitoris in even the tightest of positions. As an added benefit, the Ambi magnetically recharges, making this toy totally waterproof and submersible!

Aria - The Aria Mi vibe is an awesome vibe if you're not keen on having to grab something with your fingers, and would rather a vibe that's an extension of your hand. This cute little vibe has a place for your fingers to lay so you can place the Aria where ever you need it to be without grasping at thin air. With a tip similarly shaped to the Frisky Finger, you can play with the Aria in any area! This bad boy is two parts, so if you just want to play with a slim bullet, pop it out of the sleeve and have fun! The Aria is also waterproof and submersible, so you don't miss out on any wet fun. 

Wanda Toy Mount/Le Wand - The Wanda Toy Mount is an amazing invention by Liberator that combines comfort with genius. The Wanda is designed to fit wands like Le Wand, the Hitachi Magic Wand, the Doxy line as well as other large sized wands. The Wanda stands the wand up in the perfect position to grind against how ever hard or soft you want it. With the Wanda, you have full comfort and control over your wand!

We love to suggest the Le Wand with the Wanda since the Le Wand is rechargeable, wireless and has so much power! Being wireless and rechargeable makes positioning the Le Wand inside the Wanda much easier. Models like the Doxy line are usually plug-in and can really make your fit in the Wanda awkward and lopsided. The Wanda can work with any medium/large sized wands, but the rechargeable the better. The less wires at the base of the wand, the less rearranging you'll have to do to get it in the exact right spot.

The Tryst - The Tryst is a genius vibrator with about as many uses as you can imagine! The Tryst is a cock ring hybrid vibrator with 3 separate motors. The top is ribbed for his or her pleasure, and the bottom is open ended to fit many different sizes and end in two tips. The two tips have individual motors, and the top and bottom can be controlled independently. While the first thing that comes to mind is that it's a cock ring, the Tryst is one of the best foreplay toys out there. Use it as a nipple toy, a G-spot toy, a prostate massager externally, a clitoral stimulator, and a stroker with the right amount of lube! With a little imagination and enough lube, anything is possible with the Tryst!


No matter what you're in need of, spicing it up or dressing down, these accessories are sure to help you explore your fantasies and kinks. Most people look towards new positions, toys or new kinks to "spice things up", but sometimes all you need is an accessory that makes your favorite positions and your favorite toys feel brand new again! Lots of customers tell us they fell back in love with wands thanks to the Wanda, and others have raved about the Liberators and how much easier it is to get into fun positions with them. Sometimes all you need is an accessory! Click any of the links to get yourself a new accessory on our website or come in to discuss the best new accessory for you and your partner!


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