Review: Deia Wearable

Review: Deia Wearable



Looking for the perfect sex toy can be overwhelming. With so much to choose from—clitoral stimulators, vibrators, couples toys, dildos, and more—it can be overwhelming. It's no wonder most turn to the toy with the most reviews instead of choosing the toy that's meant for them, especially if that means missing out on something special like Deia vibrators.

Deia's The Wearable is a game changer; think of it like something comparable to We-Vibe's Chorus. Though each toy is a bit different, both have the same base purpose: to be worn internally and used during intercourse.


What's so good about Deia?

If you're not a frequent visitor of adult stores, you may have just heard of the brand Deia now; honestly, we just heard of them when we saw their current line of toys! Deia offers a more high-end-looking, sleek, and modern style to their toys, one that isn't common in vibrators, and all of their toys are made with high-quality materials. 

The everyday consumer desires from toys, like waterproof technology and cordless charging, aren't add-ons or bonuses with this company; instead, it's their bare minimum! Their toys are made with couples in mind, not just advertised as such, so you can use them seamlessly with a partner. No more awkward adjusting or repositioning halfway through; your partner time (and even solo time) is getting the upgrade you deserve.



The Wearable is a luxury hands-free vibrator with a unique feature: its remote also doubles as a finger vibrator and can be locked into the clitoral part of the toy for solo play! I'd never seen a toy like this, so I knew I had to get my hands on it - no buyer's remorse here, either. 





This vibrator is honestly stunning. With an all-over muted color scheme, the blue silicone is perfectly complimented by the gold accent, which has "Deia" inscribed into it - and wait until you see what the charging case looks like.

The toy itself, though made from silicone, isn't a squishy and soft material that you may associate with some silicone toys. Though this may be a turn-off for some, if you enjoy pressure when using your toys, this could be just what you've been looking for.

The Wearable comes with two motors, one for internal g-spot stimulation and one for external clitoral stimulation. The interior side is relatively flat and lower profile since this is meant to be worn even during intercourse. In contrast, the outer side is a broad, two-prong design that gives overall stimulation instead of pinpoint stimulation.


How to Use the Deia Wearable

For the wearable:

To turn the wearable on, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. The power button light will illuminate. Click the wearable power button to toggle through the ten vibration settings.

To turn the wearable off, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. The power button light will turn off.

For the finger vibrator:

To turn the remote vibrator on, press and hold the remote power button for 3 seconds. The power button light will illuminate. Click the remote power button to toggle through the ten vibration settings.

To turn the remote vibrator off, press and hold the remote power button for 3 seconds. The power button light will turn off.

For the remote:

To turn the remote control on, press and hold the 'connect' button for 3 seconds. The connect button light will illuminate. If the wearable is on, the remote will automatically connect. Click the remote 'connect' button to toggle through the wearable's ten vibration settings.

To turn the remote control off, press and hold the 'connect' button for 3 seconds. The connect button light will turn off.

Attach the remote to the wearable by sliding the remote between the two front prongs on the wearable.



The Deia Wearable is gorgeously packaged. The outer box is deep blue with a gold emboss of Deia's logo and features a gold sliding drawer on the side that reveals all the contents neatly and beautifully. The packaging presentation is top-notch and makes for a luxurious-looking gift to a partner.





You receive the Wearable, the remote finger vibrator, the charging case that doubles as a travel case, a USB-C cord, and a full-color informational booklet.





Material and Care

The Wearable is made from silicone with a silky smooth finish. Silicone is commonly used in higher-end toys since it's non-porous (so it cleans well and doesn't hold bacteria) and non-toxic. The gold band seems to be anodized aluminum, but I can't find any confirmation of this from either the instructional booklet or Deia's website and some sources say it's ABS Plastic.

This toy is waterproof to IPX7, making it submersible up to 1-meter (or 3 ft, 3 3/8 in) for up to 30 minutes. To clean, I rinse the whole toy and then apply a toy cleaner, like the Sliquid Shine, before and after use.

I highly recommend adding lubricant with this toy, such as a good hybrid like Naked Silk or Good Clean Love Hybrid, both of which are great for people with sensitivities who hate when their lubricants dry down too quickly.

To charge the wearable, set it into the charging case, and plug the USB-C cord into it. The LED light will pulse while charging and then go solid when fully charged. A full charge takes 2 hours and gets you up to 85 minutes of playtime.


My Experience with the Deia Wearable

To be transparent, my partner and I are transgender, so I used this with our favorite harness and dildo, which means my experience may be slightly different from others using this with a real penis. We had to reapply lubricant more frequently due to the friction causing two toy materials to get a bit stuck in the moment. If any other couples wish to use this with a dildo or strap-on, expect a bit of resistance and for the wearable to get slightly jostled around.

That note aside, this toy is easy to insert and fits snugly in place for hands-free use. The vibration intensity to me is about a 6/10; not underwhelming, but not as much power as, say, a Nu Sensuelle toy, so if you love intense vibration, there may be better choices for you. The silicone is firm, so it's perfect for those that crave toys that are still silky to the touch but doesn't bend or give when applying pressure. 





The finger vibrator is easy to use on its own and as the remote, too. It's rare to find toys with separate pieces that function well, and I've found myself struggling with some We-Vibe remotes repeatedly, either not connecting correctly or not operating right when connected. The remote has a decently powerful motor in it as well, making it perfect for solo play or for your partner to use to tease you (or vice versa!).


Overall Thoughts

The Wearable is an excellent concept, and I love its uniqueness with the separate yet lockable finger vibrator. The motor has enough kick that most people would love it, and the functionality of it being a hands-free vibrator is top-notch. I love the charging/travel case, which is discrete enough to look like a sunglasses case, making it perfect for getting through TSA without any knowing glances from security. The fact that it's essentially two toys for the price of one is a big plus for me. If I'm not having intercourse or looking for g-spot stimulation, the finger vibrator makes a great pinpoint clitoral stimulator. I can apply as little or as much pressure as I want without worrying about breaking it, and it isn't too bulky to use. The Deia Wearable is made from body-safe silicone and is waterproof, and the toy's aesthetics are gorgeous. The only drawback I can think of is the motor's intensity, but not everyone finds that an issue! If you crave power, though, I'd recommend you look elsewhere, like the Lelo Tiani Harmony or the We-Vibe Chorus.


You can pick up the Deia Wearable for yourself here for $166.99!


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