Vedo Liki: Literally Everything You Need To Know

Vedo Liki: Literally Everything You Need To Know
Vedo Liki: Literally Everything You Need To Know

You don’t know what a good vibe is until you experience what the pink Vedo Liki Flicker Vibe is all about. Simple in design yet powerful, the vibrator easily teleports you to orgasmic bliss within minutes. It is ideal for women who easily orgasm from targeted clitoral stimulation. Make no mistake though – the vibe easily vibes just about any lady down for a good time. Whether you want to use it solo or with your partner, this Vedo Liki Vibe promises a good time. And yeah, euphoric orgasms too… the kind you’ll crave for over and over. Read on to learn more.

Design And Style

Design And Style

The first thing you’ll notice about Vedo Liki Flicker Vibe Foxy is of course, its bright pink color. It is feminine as feminine vibes get. It is in fact, safe to conclude that the design is what the brains behind the vibe had it mind for women who want something phallic like and at the same time, feminine.

The design is ergonomic and yeah, elegant. It fits well into the palm pretty much like TV remote control. That’s not all though. The vibrator is also very easy to handle and control. It doesn’t feature so many buttons so you can be certain there’s no learning curve even if you’re a novice. As strange as this sounds, the designers were very deliberate with their choice to have just a handful of buttons on the device. This means there’s no awkward and unnecessary fumbling in the middle of fun, just when you’re about to hit cloud nine.  You can actually tell that a lot of thought when into the vibe’s design to come up with a vibe that’s both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Notably and as already hinted, Vedo Liki Flicker is all about topical clitoral stimulation. One look at it and you can almost underestimate if it can indeed, yank you off to the big O zone many women yearn for. The design features a fluttering silicone tongue that is by all means sensual. Its touch almost feels like a feather. You may not fee it on you until you’re all wet and on the zone about to cum. Then there’s of course, the 10 vibration modes you get to choose from, complete with 6 intensity levels. You can’t help but feel all sexy, dripping wet, moaning and of course, weak in the knees with pulsating orgasms as the vibrator silently buzzes off around your flower.

Whisper Quiet Buzzing

Whisper Quiet Buzzing

It is a perk that deserves to be mentioned on its own as a category. Way too many vibes claim to be whisper quiet. That’s because vibe manufacturers have figured out it is the one feature many people are on the lookout for other than functionality, size and, performance and ease of use. As far as the noise issue is concerned, Vedo Liki lives up to the silent hype. It is in fact, very easy to conclude that one of the main reasons why the vibe is so popular today has everything to do with how quiet it is.

Picture this – Vedo Liki is actually so quiet and at the same time so gentle you can’t hear it buzz from the room next door separated by a thin sheet of paper. The fact that it is small and light weight makes it even more ideal. You can’t make this up – a small vibe giving out huge and massive orgasms? Only Vedo Liki does that – in whisper silence no less.

This is actually the one feature in a vibe for those who are into naughty thrills in random places. You know, the sudden urge to play with your clit in the office or inside the car. Think of the most random places you can ‘play’ with yourself without anyone next door noticing. This is the vibe for that occasion. You can go about your business quietly without worrying about getting caught. The manufacturer does guarantee one thing though – you’ll moan. Loudly.  



As already mentioned, expect an easy time with the vibe. There isn’t much to learn really. You only need to take note of the vibe’s features and you’re good to go. 10 different vibration modes, 3 speed settings and 6 intensity levels stand out as the main features you should keep in mind before and as you use the this Vedo Liki Vibe. 

Use the up and down buttons to either increase or decrease speed. The intensity perk comes along with its special button. Master these two perks and you’re good to go. As for charging, you only need to plug it in for 90 minutes. It then runs for 90 minutes before you have to plug it again. Large buttons that area easy to find, easy to control and a size that you’ll certainly find convenient. That pretty much sums what this vibe is all about.

Note that the vibe’s speeds and vibrations are quite intense. You’ll quickly notice that anything beyond 6 feels strong. Worry not though. With time and depending on how horny you are or how rough you’ll like it, you’ll find 7, 8, 9 and even the 10 speed helpful. If you’re a novice, start off with 2 or three, see how far it gets you before exploring what lies beyond speed 5.


There something really unique about silicone that makes it ideal for use in the sex toy market. One on one hand, it feels gentle and soft. On the other, it guarantees a firm grip. You’ll notice how the brains behind Vedo Liki took advantage of this perk. First off, the vibe measures 3.5 inches – small yet powerful as already mentioned. It is easy to think that with its small size, grip can be a challenge. Not at all.

Interestingly, the vibe’s grip scores an easy 8/10. Even if you’re a squitter, the grip remains intact. To put this into perspective, the vibe is 100% waterproof. You can actually use it inside a bathtub. Still fully submerged and with water or squirt all over it, the vibe still doesn’t slip off your fingers. The only exception here is when you’re using lube.



Good vibes are all about solo plays. This is an exception though. Use it on your own or with your partner. Results and performance won’t change. It is worth noting though that you may need to be a little cautious with speed and vibration intensity when using the vibe on your partner. Follow her rhythm and by all means, always start with the lowest speed and vibration setting till she moans, ‘Harder.

Online Rating Online Rating

You come across vibrators that sell for less than $100 and still perfume as good as this Vedo Liki vibe does. So yes, it is a gem as far as price and performance issues are concerned. The vibe has already made a name for itself as one of the most reliable yet affordable vibes. It has completely demystified the notion that you have to splurge if you’re in the market for a good clitoral vibrator.

The vibe is highly rated, scoring 4 out of 5 stars in nearly all the major online stores. Many women claim the vibe has changed the way they ‘play’ with vibes for the better. Expect an easy time the first time you use it. More importantly, expect to get hooked. This is evident from the many reviews users leave online.

Maintenance Maintenance

This is where many ladies get it wrong. You could have a really good vibe with all the features you want or ever dream of. Maintain the toy poorly and it’ll only be a matter of weeks before it fails you. Interestingly, you don’t have to do much to keep your vibe working in at its optimum.

First things first here. Always read the vibe’s package on how to use it. Then by all means, make a habit of cleaning the vibe after use. This doesn’t mean using plenty of soap and water. On the contrary, you only need wet wipes. Wipe it clean just like you wipe the little flower at the meeting of thy thighs after playing with it. Make sure it is dry before storing it away. As for where you store it, be sure there’s no direct sunlight or heat coming in contact with the vibe.

You may also have to be a little bit stingy with your vibe. This is really a no brainer. Unless it’s you’re using the vibe with your partner, you shouldn’t share it with anyone else. Be stingy mostly for hygiene reasons and to ensure the vibe serves you for as long as possible.

Wrap Up

The sex toy market is awash with many different clitoral vibrators. Many of them claim to offer you value for your money, but only a few actually live up to the hype. Take your time to find out what works for you. Before then though, try out the aforementioned Vedo Liki Flicker Vibe. If you’ve used other vibes before, you’ll most likely ditch them and start off a new adventure with your newfound discovery. If you’ve never used a vibe before, try it still. It doesn’t disappoint.

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