Everything You Need to Know About the Phoenix Neo

Everything You Need to Know About the Phoenix Neo

What makes the Phoenix Neo different from other toys on the market?


With a higher retail price, consumers both new and experienced in adult toy products may shy away from it since they aren't familiar with the features that the Neo offers, and with app-based toys being a newer corner in the market, it adds another layer of indecisiveness when presented with the option. The thing that stood out the most to me with Svakom toys were how many options there are on the app.

I bought my Svakom Phoenix Neo more than a year ago now, and it's definitely one of my tried and true toys that I own. The app is incredibly user- and beginner-friendly, with multiple options for you or your partner to control the vibration patterns without having to pay attention to where the button is on the toy. Even if you just want a durable vibrator and don't really care for the app options, this is still a great option due to it's fast charging time--only an hour and a half--and long-lasting motor.


What does the app offer?


If you're interested in the app capabilities, Svakom makes it easy to get started; this isn't their first app-based toy after all. Clicking the play button gives you 5 different options, along with a 6th one which at this time is still in development. Free touch, which is the most popular with partners, allows you to control the vibration intensity by holding down on the screen and swiping up or down. Removing your finger from the screen stops all vibrations, keeping your partner on the edge since they can't see what you're doing.

The Set Modes option lets you choose from 11 different preset vibration patterns, which are the same ones available without the app that you can access by clicking the S button on the toy. In this menu, you can also set the vibration intensity higher or lower with a sliding bar, and pause the vibrations as easily as pressing the Pause button right at the bottom of the screen.

Music Mode is a feature that I personally haven't seen in other apps, and was one of the reasons I picked up the toy in the first place; it lets you sync up the Phoenix with any music you have downloaded on your phone, while the Sound Mode has the same concept, but uses your phone's microphone instead, giving you the option to use any sound you can think of--even your own voice.

The last feature is remote mode, which is lovely for long-distance couples, or even local couples who just live separately. Remote mode allows you to set up your own virtual room with a code to send to your partner, letting them take control from anywhere via Bluetooth.

Perfect for everyone


The Phoenix Neo is a wonderful option for both those who just want a sturdy vibrator for solo play and for couples who want to put the control into the other's hand--literally in this case! It has a magnetic charger that I've found doesn't lose it's power, even if it attaches to anything metal while traveling, and if it ever gets lost or damaged, Svakom makes it simple to order a new one from the website. This toy is sure to impress, and it's an underdog in the app-based toy market for sure!


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