Oh Zumio, Oh Zumio.... This is a definite game changer guys, it works magic. At first I have to admit I was a bit intimidated by this Vibe. It looks a lot like one of those devices that Dentists stick in your mouth when you go in for a cleaning. It has a lot of power which is great but it seemed like it was all focused right in the tip which made me a little reluctant because I didn't want something that was going to be too aggressive on the Clitoris. So against my apprehension I decided what the heck I'll give it a go. I normally hesitate with really strong clitoral vibes because of the possibility of desensitizing the clitoral area, but the Zumio was obviously worlds different than your average clitoral vibe.

A couple things to note about the Zumio:

  • It has very direct vibration with the little antenna on the end, making it easy to target the exact spot you want the vibration to go. 
  • It is very light so using it solo is a lot easier, but it also makes it a lot more convenient to use with a partner.
  •  It's a compact vibrator, so for those of you who have been using the wand forever because you love the power but hate the size of those things, the Zumio could be a perfect match for you.
  • The Handle of the Zumio does not vibrate so you don't have to worry about your hand going numb or becoming painful from holding it (which is a huge mood killer.)
  • The Zumio was designed and invented by women!!!
  • The tip rotates in circular motions to give you intense pleasure waves.

How does the Zumio work?

When starting off with the Zumio I just let it lightly flicker against the clitoris rather than pressing it into the clitoris. The zumio rotates in small circular motions, so one of their recommendations is that you direct the little ball at the top towards the clitoral hood. The objective is to be able to apply direct pressure and pleasure to one small area at a time, now the idea of that at first did not sound appealing to me. Most women love Wand style vibrators a lot because the head of the wand is big and there for covers a larger surface all at once. So as I got better acquainted with the Zumio I learned that if you have a very sensitive clitoris that its best to start off slow. Try lightly applying pressure to the tip of the Zumio and you will notice that it comes alive with intense power, but the more pressure you apply the more it slows down and less intense it becomes! Solving my initial worry that "woah this thing is too powerful!"

Who would benefit most from the Zumio?

Anyone with a clitoris would benefit from using the Zumio. If your looking for a quiet, rechargeable, discreet clitoral vibrator then the zumio could be for you. If you find, like a lot of other women that "getting off" is something that you don't always have time for so your first choice is always to get the vibrator with the most power, maybe check out the Zumio first, you might be surprised! For those who have a crazy schedule and are always on the go whether it be work, kids, yoga, getting dinner on the table and having just enough time in the evening to brush your teeth let alone have an orgasm, the zumio is definitely for you! The Zumio delivers that "O" moment in just minutes, so maybe your head will hit the bed with a little less stress at the end of the day! Couldn't that benefit us all really?

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