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Toys For Boys! A Guide to Male Masturbators

Toys For Boys! A Guide to Male Masturbators

GiGi V |

There are a hundred different twists and turns to buying the right toy, and when it comes to male masturbators, it shouldn't be a hassle trying to find the right shape for you! Today I'm going to take you through the ABC's of the masturbator, and how to find the right fit for you. Even if you're new to using a masturbator, you're still probably familiar with the Fleshlight brand. Fleshlight started it all, they paved the way for other brands to produce their own version of the model, and for other brands to experiment with a multitude of textures and features, then revolutionizing the toy all together. Masturbators have become more and more of a couples toy because of the wide variety of textures, shapes, sizes and uses, making the masturbator as essential as a Rabbit vibe in the bedroom!

Nubs and Twists and Ridges, Oh My!

 There are so many different textures inside a masturbator, its hard to decide which one is the best to buy first! If you are looking for a good beginner buy, a smaller sleeve might be a good suggestion! Models like the Tenga egg are small sleeves made out of silicone that have ribs and nubs to help stimulate the head of the penis. These models are good for trying out different methods of pleasure, solo or with a partner, as well as experiment with different textures. Once you're ready to decide on a bigger model, even things like a big ol' Fleshlight look like a big commitment. Vulcan has created a small, portable sleeve built for more than just the head, unlike the Tenga egg. The Vulcan models are interesting because they focus on being life like. There are vaginal, anal and deep throat models that each simulate their own unique feeling! If and when you might be ready to commit to a Fleshlight, the model with the most realistic feel is definitely going to be the Super Tight or the Lotus. Both focusing on the realistic features, the biggest difference between them is the Lotus was designed to be as closely simulating a real vagina as possible. The Super Tight was designed to be as the name says, a tighter passage for the penis, and can come with a booty orifice to simulate anal play!

 One of the cooler masturbators to come out of the market has got to be the Tenga Flip Hole! One of the biggest qualms I hear about masturbators is how hard it is to clean it, and man o' man does this little guy fix that problem. You can literally split the flip hole in half to open and clean it! The Flip Hole is a more advanced users favorite new addition, all 4 models have their own unique design that simulates its own unique feeling!

Masturbators for Couples!

 Masturbators aren't usually associated with couples play, more so solo play than anything, but we are going to break that stigma! We're going to talk about a few different products that are ideal for couple play, and point out some less phallic masturbators that do just the trick. Doc Johnson is a brand that carries a bunch of cool, different masturbators, everything from life like porn star models to non phallic, discrete masturbators. Models like the Mood Pleaser are a great start for couples wanting to play together. Its small handheld design is perfect, and they come in a few exciting textures for a new sensation! Another good product by Doc Johnson is the Helping Hand, designed to be an added sensation during oral. This is also a good product for couples trying sleeves in their play for the first time, as its about as small as a Tenga egg or Jack-It, but still open on both ends for oral play, or to add some suction at one end by blocking the other opening.

A good suggestion for couples using their sleeves as an exciting bonus during oral sex is to pick out a flavored lube to aid the masturbator! No one likes lube-flavored lube, so picking out something that has a nice flavor to it will really add to the adventure. Wicked makes an adorable chart aiding buyers in a mix-and-match process to create more unique flavors with their products. Picking a flavor you and your partner enjoys can really add to the mood and the fun! Using sleeves for couples play can be really cool for couples that are interested in or enjoy role play during their sexy time! If the recipient of the sleeve wants their partner to take control, this is an awesome way to do that. The partner can control the tightness, speed and position of the sleeve to either enhance or tempt their playmate, tease them or bring them closer to the edge of ecstasy!

Being There For Your Partner

Mutual masturbation is a really fun activity for couples, it can be intimidating, but super rewarding! It takes a lot of trust and a lot of love between couples, but for those who feel comfortable letting their partner in on an intimate moment, it can shine a lot of light on certain things you two enjoy doing alone - who knows! Maybe you two like the same things alone, and can incorporate it while together! For certain lovers, watching their partner enjoy themselves is half of the reward of getting to know someone so intimately. So, masturbating together can be a real turn on and a really fun activity to add to your play time! Adding a toy or two, like a masturbating sleeve and vibrating bullet, can break down those possibly  uncomfortable walls of using your fingers. Because, let's face it, who'd use their fingers if they had toys!? Toys are always more fun!

An interesting toy originally designed for long distance couples, Max and Nora are the perfect couples toys for this kind of situation. Max and Nora are a masturbation sleeve and an internal/external rabbit type vibrator that are CONNECTED together via an app. This connectivity allows the users on both ends to affect the other user with their device! So, for example, if the female user squeezes down on their Nora toy, the Max end will actually increase the suction to simulate the sensation of real intercourse!

Wrapping and Tapping

The sex toy industry is as explosive as your sex life, and every day they're coming out with a new shape, style, texture and technique to enhance your sexual experiences. Shopping for the perfect toy shouldn't be confusing, nor should the research you trust. That's why here at the boutique, we take pride in recommending our personal best and learning more about products with you. Taking the time to talk to our customers, show them all of the different options they have and ask them questions about their needs and wants in a toy is our way of narrowing down all the confusing possibilities there are and pointing you in the right direction. It's important to us that you walk away from us more knowledgeable, satisfied and even if you didn't purchase anything, walk away with a better understanding of your own needs and wants. You're important to us, so your pleasure is our pleasure!