Why Lubricant Can Spice Things Up In the Bedroom

Why Lubricant Can Spice Things Up In the Bedroom



Most people view lubricant as necessary in the bedroom, something you apply before intercourse and reapply as needed, or used as a personal moisturizer for some people. However, it's just a matter of finding the right lubricant that can spice things up in the bedroom for you and your partner. You may wonder, "how can lubricant change things in the bedroom for my partner or me?" Let's go over all of the different lubricants and offer unique ways that they can improve your sex life beyond your expectations.



Why people don't want to use lube during sex

Younger couples may find using lube during sex odd or weird, under the guise of lubricant being deemed only for older people, but that's not the case. Even the International Planned Parenthood Foundation discusses how lubricant can make sexual experiences go from average to fantastic. So why is it that lube that makes sex go from dry and painful to friction-free and pleasurable gets such a bad rep that some people hesitate to use it?



1) I don't need it.

Some people may be hesitant or deny the offer to purchase lubricant because they view it as insinuating that they can't get wet enough, which can be a big ego crush. Unfortunately, if someone can't produce enough natural lubrication, this can lead to painful sex and even yeast infections. Not being able to produce sufficient lubrication can happen for several reasons, from not enough foreplay or not being turned on enough before intercourse to certain medications or birth control. Picking up the lubricant bottle should never be viewed as a shameful action!


2) Your penis.

Have you been afraid to introduce lube into the bedroom because you don't want your penis to feel inferior? Believe it or not, some men think this way. Circumcised men have lost the natural lubrication that comes with foreskin, making a hand job from yourself or your partner a lot less fluid. Don't be bashful about needing that extra element! Remember, boys: spit isn't a lubricant, and it isn't sexy.


3) It can be an ego killer.

Suggesting that you use lubricant or asking if your partner could grab the lube can be a big ego crush on both ends. While women may feel insecure about their body's ability to produce lubricant, men may feel like the question insinuates that they can't get their partner turned on enough. Don't take it that personally! It usually has nothing to do with you and is about your partner's comfort level.


4) A bad experience.

Sometimes, egos aside, there are other reasons for not asking to use lubricant! Maybe you or your partner had a bad experience once when trying to bring lube into the bedroom and are now hesitant to try asking for it again, with a new partner or not. When introducing a helpful element into your sex life – vibrators, nipple clamps, or lube – it's essential to know how to use it and when enough is enough. If you applied lube to your penis and then proceeded to slather her vagina with another handful, odds are you'll get plenty of slipping and not much satisfaction. Too much lube makes rigorous sex a potential hazard for the penis–not to mention the lack of friction will disappoint you both. Too little lube, however, can make you both feel that it's not even doing anything.



Why you should use lubricant

Do yourself a favor, and ignore the reasons listed above now. Push them to the back of your mind or forget them; what matters now is why you should be buying and using lube and how it can completely change your sex life. Whether it's your ego holding you back or one bad experience, one bad apple shouldn't ruin the whole bunch–especially regarding your sex life. Still not convinced lube is for everyone? Here are six reasons why it is. 


1) Oral pleasure for both.

If you enjoy performing oral, you may find yourself intrigued by the variety of flavored lubricants on the market! Flavored lubes can be a great way to spice up your oral pleasure if you've been with the same partner for some time or aren't a fan of how they taste. Plus, flavored lubricants are perfect for those who enjoy performing oral but frequently experience dry mouth from smoking, medications, and more. 

There are plenty of flavored lubes out there–and they don't taste nearly as bad as flavored condoms, we promise. Some brands, like System Jo's Gelato line, even offer delicious flavors like Creme Brulee, White Chocolate Raspberry, Tiramisu, and more.


2) Combating vaginal dryness.

The most obvious reason for adding lubricant to your sexual routine is to eradicate vaginal dryness. A dry vagina is the equivalent of a miniature army with spears preventing your penis from passing through the gates; painful. If you're both doing everything right via foreplay and there's still no wetness afoot, don't feel bad–add lube! Lubrication will not only solve your issues with dryness but also enhance your sexual experience.


3) Great for quickies.

If you've ever had a lazy or rainy day where neither of you wants to put in the effort for foreplay but still crave intimacy, you can see why lube would be your best friend. Using lubrication can help rush things along without the risk of friction and without needing to get your partner excited.


4) Heating and cooling lubes.

Have you ever tried sensation condoms, like the Trojan Her Pleasure? If you or your partner loved those, heating and cooling lubricants are a must-try. Not sure whether you prefer heating or cooling? The Sliquid Sensation is an excellent choice since it goes on cool and warms up once friction is applied, which makes for a fabulously tingling orgasm! Cooling lubricants such as the Wicked Aqua Chill can even help guys who struggle with premature ejaculation last longer.


5) A must-have for toys.

Do you have an adventurous sex life? If you're a fan of using sexy props in the bedroom or for backdoor action, you will want to pick up a bottle of lube. This slick helper is pretty much essential for using any sex toy, including vibrators and dildos.


6) Planning to have a child.

Though it may surprise some, the right lube can be essential for those trying for a baby. If you're gearing up to be parents, you'll be interested to know that some lubes, such as Astroglide, are harmful to your sperm's swimming capabilities. That's why lubricants like Good Clean Love's BioGenesis Fertility Lubricant have slipperier formulas that make your sessions sexier and your swimmers strong!


You must seriously retrain your brain if you think lube only applies to dried-up women. Lubrication can add a unique spice of slip-and-slide into your sex life that you may soon realize you were sorely lacking. What are you waiting on? Go pick up a bottle!


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