How do I Prepare for Anal Sex?

How do I Prepare for Anal Sex?

     Anal is seen as taboo to most people and surrounded by many stereotypes, but it shouldn’t be. It can and should be a pleasurable experience for anyone who wants to explore it, not just a niche group of people. The mystery around anal is what makes it quite intimidating to people, but your first time exploring anal doesn’t have to be scary! That’s why we are here, to break through the shroud of mystery and share some tips about how to prepare for anal sex.


  • Communication is Key!

     Communication is the most essential part of any sex. Not only talk to your partner but also dig deep inside yourself to know what you want, what your body wants, and what you can handle. When preparing for anal sex, communication should always come first. Even if it isn’t your first time, it could be with a new partner, or you could be trying something different with the same partner. You want to tell them first and foremost what your limits are and limits can be anything; telling them you aren’t ready for or don’t really want penetration with a penis, the ways you already find anal pleasurable or any limits that you might have at all.

     Because anal sex can mean many things to different people, it is always essential to establish what that means to you and share that with your partner(s).


  • Self Exploration

     Self-exploration is the next important tip I have for you. Self-exploration can look a little different for everyone. Watching porn, doing extensive research, or even playing with yourself. I believe that anal masturbation is the best form of exploration because you can find every little spot that makes you tick or ick. 

Some ways to masturbate anally are lubing up a finger and rimming your anus, even if it doesn’t go inside, experimenting with smaller anal plugs and dildos, or even simply doing Kegels by focusing on contracting the two sphincters. Slow and steady is the name of the game. If something starts to feel a little uncomfortable or you aren’t ready to progress, there is no rush, and don’t push yourself.


  • Clean Up

     So you may be thinking, “Isn’t poop back there?” So, yes and no. The only time there is actually poop in the rectum is when you need to go to the bathroom. There is also the possibility of small bits of it being left behind, but never a lot. 

If you are worried about the slight possibility of something being left behind, you can always use an anal douche with body temp water. (Click here to read how to use an anal douche) If you are worried about anything, you can always use gloves, a finger condom, or regular condoms to ensure you or your partner don’t come in contact with anything you don’t want to. But we are all adults here, and communication is critical. Sometimes shit happens.


  • Lube, Lube, & More Lube

     Lube is going to be your best friend! There are many kinds of lube, but pure silicone is the best for anal. Silicone lubricants coat the skin instead of soaking into it like a water-based one does. It also helps cut down on the amount of friction so toys, fingers, or a penis can easily slip in. Now speaking of toys, you can only use certain kinds of lubricants depending on the type of toys you are using. If you are using a silicone, jelly, or TPR/TPE toy, you cannot use a silicone lubricant because it creates a chemical reaction with toys that aren't glass or metal. So, instead of silicone, you can use a hybrid lubricant. Hybrid lubes have less than 20% silicone, and the rest is water-based, making it safe to use with a silicone toy but still giving you the benefits of using pure silicone.


  • Picking the Anal Perfect Toy

     There are probably thousands of different types of anal toys out there. Picking your first anal toy may be intimidating the first time, but it shouldn't be! The first question I always as people is if they want vibrating or non-vibrating, and they tend to ask me what the difference is or why someone would wish to have a vibrating butt plug. If you are a person with a prostate, it allows you to stimulate all those sensitive nerves in and around your anus without reaching back and moving the toy yourself. Even if you are a person without a prostate, there are still a lot of nerves that can be stimulated by vibration.


    The other factor that plays into choosing the perfect toy is material. The three most common anal toy materials are silicone, metal, and glass, and I tend to suggest glass and metal interchangeably because they are both rigid, non-porous materials. Silicone toys are the best for long-wearing play because they have a little give to them, and the stem between the flange and bulb bends some, so if you sit down it won't be too uncomfortable. All three materials are sterilizable, so cleanliness isn't a factor. The only downside to using a silicone butt plug is that you can't use it with a silicone lubricant. Materials to stay away from would be any jelly, crystal, TPE/TPR, or wood; those materials are porous, can hold onto bacteria, and cannot be sterilized.


    Size is the last big thing when choosing the perfect anal toy. Now, it depends. Are you looking to wear a plug for the feeling of fullness, or are you looking to train to be able to accommodate a bigger toy or work towards having penetrative sex with a dildo or penis? Most people try to start with the smallest they can find, but honestly, the smaller butt plug doesn't do much in helping your muscles open up and relax; they just look attractive. There are anal plug sets that generally come with just three sizes, and the smallest is small enough for most people. Materials come into play when thinking about size because of comfort. When looking at larger plugs, I suggest using a silicone plug because they have a little give.


What Anal Toys Do I Suggest?


VeDO Rio

    VeDO Rio ANAL VIBE arouses and ignites your deepest desires. The gently rounded tip and tapered body is perfectly designed for easy insertion and provides amazing anal pleasures.



Anal Adventure Platinum Anal Beads

    These beads will excite and stimulate as they are moved in and out. The Ultrasilk Silicone, with its silky smooth feel, warms with your body heat. Explore. Perfect for adding new sensations. Increase. Beads increase progressively in size for easiest insertion. Feeling. Beads arouse and excite as they are inserted or removed.


The B-Vibe Line

    The results of years of research, each b-Vibe product utilizes innovative design tactics to address specific, often unaddressed, sources of anal pleasure. Pioneering the category of high-end anal accessories, b-Vibe has been able to set a high-quality, yet approachable tone for a rapidly-emerging category.



CalExotics Ultimate Anal Kit

    Open the door of thrilling anal sensation with the Ultimate Anal Kit. This kinky kit includes a set of 3 graduated anal plugs and a large enema bulb to let you safely and comfortably enjoy passionate anal stimulation. To enjoy everything the exhilarating world of anal play has to offer, training is needed in order to ensure total safety and satisfaction. 



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