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We-Vibe: The Number One Couple's Toy

We-Vibe: The Number One Couple's Toy

Sonia Williams |

The We Vibe 4 Plus is known as the number one couple's toy on the market and for good reasons. It's ingenious hands free design makes for less complication and more fun in the bedroom. The We Vibe 4 Plus is such an easy and fun way to explore as a couple. The design allows both partners to be stimulated at the same time during intercourse. Instead of the traditional design of couples toys which are usually made for a man to wear, the We Vibe is actually made for the woman to wear! How on earth can a woman wear this? Well if you notice the shape of the We Vibe, it's shaped almost like a "C", the flatter surface penetrates the vagina with the rounder part hitting your "g-spot" and the thicker part of the We Vibe (where the button is located) rests on the clitoral area. If your unsure about using it together, i would recommend wearing it yourself first and turning it on so that you can get used to the feeling and make any necessary adjustments before using it together. To use it together the We Vibe simply stays in place during intercourse, so that while your partner is penetrating, he is sliding against the smooth flat surface and is feeling some vibration, while you are experiencing constant clitoral stimulation, g-spot stimulation and penetration!! . Another enticing feature of the We Vibe 4 Plus is the remote and APP. Making it transition from a bedroom toy to an anywhere toy. Spice things up by going out to dinner and giving your lady a little buzz from across the table with the remote. Or if your traveling for business and want a fun way to let her know your thinking of her, download the free We-Connect App to show her a little love from across the country! The options are endless and the fun is quite literally at your finger tips with this exciting couples toy.