Was the Liberator Tula worth it??

Was the Liberator Tula worth it??

If you are not familiar with Liberator Sexual position aids, I suggest you read this blog to get better acquainted with the endless possibilities that come with owning any one of the Liberator Position Aids and or Toy Mounts.


A few years ago I purchased my first Liberator and ended up choosing the very popular Liberator Ramp. I decided on the Ramp because of the way that it is shaped and it worked perfectly for the type of positions I was trying to achieve. I am someone with natural curves, big booty, curvy hips and thighs, check, check and check. So my biggest issue was being able to achieve deeper levels of penetration during sex and because my partner was tall and I am shorter, deep penetration was sometimes a struggle.

The ramp is perfect because if I am leaned over the more elevated side, it gives me a little extra height to be more at the same level of my partner and it also allows for deeper penetration. Its kind of like putting a pillow or two under the small of your back to elevate your bottom. Unlike pillows though, the Liberator Ramp allows you to access so many different sexual positions!!

My next Liberator Purchase had to be a toy mount though. I was extremely impressed by how much the Ramp affected how I had sex that I thought to myself "Okay but now I definitely need something for solo play" and my eyes were set on the Liberator Tula. There are quite a few options now for toy mounts but what grabbed my immediate attention with the Tula was the fact that I could use it with Internal toys as well as a wand for the clitoris.

The Tula is roughly the same size as a standard pillow but thicker and more sturdy, if you want to use a dildo and ride it to simulate penetration, you simply insert your favorite dildo (vibrating or non vibrating) into the hole along the top of the Tula, place the Tula between your legs and ride the dildo as if you were having penetrative sex.

My first concern was obviously that the dildo would not stay in place but because I chose a dildo with a base at the bottom it stayed in place perfectly and did not budge. Now if you want to enjoy clitoral stimulation (hands free) at the front of the Tula is also another hole specifically designed for a wand style vibrator. You can take your favorite wand and insert it into the hole and lay back, slide the tula between your legs with the wand facing your clitoris and receive hands free clitoral stimulation.

What I did find interesting and unique about the Tula specifically is that the design of it also makes it possible for two people to use at the same time, for example, it would be a perfect aid for two woman to use simultaneously. It is large enough and comfortable enough for one person to be on top enjoying penetration while another is at the same time receiving clitoral stimulation. I appreciate that it has the possibility to be used by heterosexual couples, for solo use as well as for same sex couples. It makes the possibilities endless! 

If you have not tried any of the Liberator Position aids or toy mounts I highly recommend, the help and enhancement it can offer to your sex life can be pretty mind blowing!


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