Valentines Ideas 101

Valentines Ideas 101

We have great valentine ideas!

When it comes to Valentine Day, there are lots of directions you can go. You can do romantic, sexy or slutty or all three at the same time. We have products that will help with one or all of these Valentine themes. Let's explore 5 ideas of things to try to make it an unforgettable evening.

Sexy Games

Games can be items like dice, scratch off cards and Board/card games. We carry many of these games but these are some of our favorites. Our first pick is Let's FxCK Board Game. Let's Fuck Game is a classic board game for couples. The XXX sex game! You and your lover use the spinner to make your way around the game board performing raunchy and seductive foreplay actions on eaValentine's Day gamesch other. When one of your markers reaches the bed, the winner uses the spinner and you both start f*cking in the position the arrow points to. WE have many games for couples, so stop by and find one before they sell out. Another fun thing to do is a sexy dice game. We have many to choose from like erotice Glow Dice or Let's Fuck Dice. Either of these will help create a fun and sexy evening.

 Edible Undies and Oils

Edible undies are fun and delicious. We carry two types of edible undies. A string candy and a gummy bear type of underwear. These come in both male and Female styles. if edible undies are not your thing but you want st

ill taste something sweet. We suggest a flavored massage oil or Lubricant. Some are warming and could be just the thing to make it a sexy evening.

Sexy Lingerie for Both

Sexy Lingerie is a fantastic gift for Valentines day. We have a huge selection of Lingerie for both men and women. Lingerie is perfect for setting the mood and tapping into the man's visual side. Ladies who aren't sure about wearing lingerie? remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If he wants you, he will think you are beautiful in whatever lingerie you choose. So stop by and check out how many great outfits we carry.

Be a servant for the Day

There are a couple of ways you can be a servant for the day. One fun way is to bye a bell. we have many types for his and her. One of our favorites for the man is the 'Blowjob Bell" or a "Bring me a Beer Bell". For the ladies we suggest the "Bring me Big Dick' or "A Glass of Wine". Another great way to be a servant for the day is to be the submissive and do whatever your partner wants you to do. Either way these are great ideas for a fun sexy Valentine's Day

Sex Toys for him and her.

Sex toys are what we do best. We always think couples toys are the best way to celebrate Valentines together, we have some suggestions to help guide you through selecting the toy that works best for both of you. We also have Male and Female sex toys that are made just for self pleasure. Sharing these toys as a couple can be just as hot as having sex yourself. Masturbating as a couple is a fantastic way to get to know each other better and opening doors to what your partner likes and how to please each other better. these are our favorite male and female toys as of 2021. What toy to buy for the Ladies? there are so many choices for ladies these days, our favorite are the Womanizer Line and The Lelo Sila. Both these toys are high quality and give unbelievable pleasure.Our favorite Men's Toys are The new Satisfyer Male Masturbators which are a fantastic deal for a full canister style male toy. Our pick for Couples is our favorite toy in the world is the Vedo Roq. this couples ring has great vibration and will have you both climaxing together.


 Stop by Intimates for all your Valentine Needs. We carry the best in Games, Massage oils, sexy lingerie and some of the best adult Toys that can be found anywhere. here's to a Happy and Sexy Valentine's Day.



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