Valentine Ideas for Him and Her - Part 2

Valentine Ideas for Him and Her - Part 2

**Play a sexy game**

Playing games are a great way to introduce new things to the bedroom. What type of games are fun? Sometimes simpler games like position dice or naughty suggestion dice are the best way to go. They even come in glow in the dark so you can play with no lights on. Board games are fun as well, most of these games will have a foreplay, position or a sexual acts for each person to do. If you enjoy games? Then why not mix games with sex😁.


**Do a sexy photo shoot of each other**

A lot of people may not be comfortable having pictures taken, but remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So buy both of you some sexy lingerie for both and set up your bedroom to be visually appealing. Then play photographer and snap away. You can make it either sexy or slutty or go for straight up pornography. It will give you something to talk about for years. It can be your little sexy secret.


**Shop for a sex toy together**

Knowing what your partner likes in a sex toy will help you understand how to please your partner better. Knowing if she enjoys more attention to the clitoris or internal will help you understand what she likes sexually. Not all sex toys are intimidating. For Valentines day we suggest a couples sex toy. There are many to choose from. One of our favorites is the Vedo Roq, this can be a great way to share the luv with each other. It's all about your partners pleasure, so go ahead and try some mew things in bed. We have sex toys for beginner to the more experienced adult product buyer.

**Try a sex position you've never tried**

Trying new sex position is a great to explore how to pleasure each other and learn if certain angles or techniques can kick sex up a notch or two. Another fun position ideal is to perform Tantric Sex Positions. These positions are intended to help you last longer and give a deeper and more intense orgasms. Here is one of our favorite tantric sex positions. Enjoy!


**Watch porn together**

Watching porn together can be fun, sexy and a learning experience. Think of porn as a great way to live out fantasies. Example, a threesome in reality is not always a doable situation. but watching a threesome together givs you an idea what it might be like without taking the plunge into a possible risky situation. Porn also may help by seeing others perform oral or finding new ideas for positions.


**Make out like teenagers for 30** minutes

Remember when you were a teenage and you weren't having sex yet, but you would make out for hours. Remember how hot you would get. There was a reason that was so much fun. So why not try it again, maybe in the car just outside your favorite restaurant or bar. Making out on the sofa can be just as fun. The key is to hold back long enough to work yourself into a sexual frenzy. Bring back some of those feelings from your youth. It could lead to even better sex?



We hope you have a fantastic and memorable Valentine's this year. With all that is going on in the world, getting closer to your partner is more important than ever. Try some or all of these ideas? We guarantee you will have a very Happy Valentine's Day


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