Top 5 Rabbit Toys - Pros and Cons

Top 5 Rabbit Toys - Pros and Cons





Since they first hopped on to the market, rabbit vibrators have been a staple sex toy. Whether stashed away for private play or embraced by couples as a reliable foreplay aid, one thing is for sure; the simultaneous stimulation is pretty hard to beat.


Rabbit vibrators – so named for the sleek paired 'ears' that caress your clitoris – are an effective solution to a complex problem and so much fun! Although it is worth mentioning that modern models have moved away from the traditional dual fronds in recent years.


Newer designs provide far more intense and widespread vibrations and cater to various body types. So, it should be no surprise that we crowned a contemporary rabbit our overall winner as the best rabbit vibrator: the Soraya Rechargeable by Lelo.



Here Are the Most Important Factors That We Have Compared:


Our selections are based on strict criteria to ensure you get the pleasure you deserve. Here's how we picked;


✅ Ability to Get You Off – we want you to get your money's worth.


✅ Comfort – which ought to go without saying, we all know precisely where this toy is going!


✅ Safety – more than a few toys are lurking in the low-priced regions made of hazardous materials.


✅ Noise levels – we know some of you have to keep your toys on the down-low; noise can be a distracting mood-killer.


✅ Versatility – the sex-toy market is very saturated, and the rabbit models are competitive. Still, some are less interesting than others and can't live up to our libido in the long term.


✅ Discretion – All of the rabbits we have chosen come from reputable companies who package them and post them without any telltale signs, so there's no need for embarrassment.


With our rabbit guidelines in mind, let's get our reviews underway!



1) Lelo Soraya


We are kick-starting our reviews with one of the best bunnies out there. Open your minds and forget its odd looks for orgasms galore. It has a *cough cough* unique shape, but its sleek curves are amazing. It has many positive reviews and is an excellent option if you find it difficult to climax.


The settings have many adjustments and can be tweaked until your eyes roll into the back of your head! It is a contemporary dual rabbit that stimulates everywhere all at once.


Modern options like this suit many different body types and feel damn heavenly. Try this one if you have yet to find a traditional rabbit that satisfies your needs.


It has an ABS core that may look weird but cleverly incorporates a handle that lets you keep a firm grasp. This handle could be one of its best attributes. I find vibrators can be tricky to keep a hold of, especially if they're set to their top speed and you are close to exploding.


If you want something less obvious-looking, this is a superb solution, and it comes with a sleek stash pouch to help keep your dirty-little-secret safe.


Things We Liked:


- Flexible, comfortable material choices.

- Variety of settings to explore.

- Easy to keep hold of.

- A quiet model that your household won't hear.

- No veins or other anatomical clues, not that I'd personally pop it on display for all and sundry.


Things We Didn't Like:


- Looks peculiar with its ABS center.

- Pricey, so start saving.



2) Lelo Ina Wave 2


Next up, we have the newest model that should be on every wild-side wish list. With a sky-high retail price, it is a pretty extravagant buy, but if the cheaper Lelo models are anything to go by, then this one must be one hell of a rampant rabbit.


Lelo Ina Wave 2 features a modern vibrator design with no ears on display. Sometimes with a rabbit vibrator, it can feel like too much is going on with the ears out of sync with the shaft. This one operates both parts in unison for superior stimulation and a more fulfilling overall experience.

Okay, it is entirely self-indulgent because it costs a lot, but what price do you put on a guaranteed orgasm? If the price is way out of your budget, it will make a great gift, so get hinting at your boyfriend or girlfriend; this one is great for couple-play.


It is entirely flexible, and the second arm can perform the function of a flared base, making it safe for anal use if you're inclined. It comes beautifully packaged with a velour storage pouch to keep it from prying eyes.


Things We Liked:


- It has a smooth, comfortable body with a non-traditional design.

- It provides a luxurious high-end option that promises a climax every time.

- It has a broader surface than traditional rabbit ears and provides intense clitoral stimulation.

- It's excellent for couples to play together.

- It's a versatile vibrator you can use safely for anal and vaginal use.


Things We Didn't Like:


- It has a price to wince about - until your knees are weak and you've had your money's worth.



3) Happy Rabbit 50 Shades of Grey Greedy Girl


A sinful vision in matte black silicone, this rabbit vibrator will inspire you to write your steamy novels only with better grammar. Like Christian Grey himself, this large, insatiable toy doesn't come cheap – but it's probably worth the investment and is undoubtedly less demanding.


It has a long, rigid but flexible shaft with a large curved head that aims to please. So surrender for penetration far harder than Mr. Grey's dark, brooding stare. With its deeper plunge and a dizzying array of settings, you can have all the pleasure you like in your bedroom – without any pain.


The ears flicker against your clit with tease patterns; they are deceptively strong but silent, like our favorite leading man.


No worries about batteries here either; a two-hour USB charge ensures at least 60 to 90 minutes of constant hot action if you can handle it. Hold on for dear life; the vibrations are powerful on all three bunny speeds.


You might need a safe word if you're playing together with this one because it will up the ante on you quicker than you can say 'yellow’-Where do I sign?


Things We Liked:


- Penetrates deeply.

- Curved head heads straight for the target.

- The speeds are immense.

- Comfortable silicone with an utterly smooth shaft.

- Recharges quickly via USB.


Things We Didn't Like:


- No complaints here… What's not to like?



4) Evolved Bodacious Bunny


So maybe it isn't very comfortable to admit it, but I raced out to buy the original Jack Rabbit as soon as possible. After seeing its dirty debut on Sex and the City, I couldn't wait. This newer model is way better!


It could be too good. Ideal for newbies, but we suggest going slowly. The vibrations are hell-a-intense; try turning it the wrong way around to get yourself wet and save some cash on the lube. That may be enough. If you make it to the penetration round, plenty is in store. The head is generously swollen to get your G-spot going.


The shaft powerfully shudders inside while the ears flutter away. It has seven separate settings to explore, each with speed variables, and enough to entertain even the most experienced users.


It is perfect for those who have a partner that likes to watch them pleasure themselves. You can put on a good show because the settings make climaxing tough to resist.


The slow modes are idyllic for kinky foreplay, and your partner won't resist getting involved. It has plenty to offer, and the rapid-end settings are a mind-blowing, rampant ride.


Things We Liked:


- Quiet rotating pearls.

- Rotations are great for people who get bored quickly.

- An excellent toy to explore together, with plenty for partners to take charge of.

- Perfect first rabbit with traditional ears to tickle your fancy.

- Not obnoxiously pricey.


Things We Didn't Like:


 - Some people can't get their ears to hit the spot.

 - If it measures up for you, you might have less of a social life, especially if you have a libido higher than your Manolo heels.



5) Happy Rabbit Thrusting Rabbit


Okay, so the word thrust might frighten some, and to be brutally honest, some thrusting models are so 'try-hard' that it's laughable. The Happy Rabbit is less robotic to keep you on your toes, and I think it helps that it doesn't resemble a cock.


One of the quietest thrust-capable models on the market we have come across, it'll keep your secrets from your roommates.


With a decent amount of lube, a ribbed tip is fantastic. If you love rhythmic intercourse or hate when a boyfriend changes gears when you are close to orgasm, this is your toy—built for those comfortable with body exploration.


The thrust is energetic but not so chaotic that it can bounce across the bed. Passionate penetrations or a pounding at your command are close at hand with this powerful animal.


Variety is the spice of life, and the Happy Rabbit has many patterns to keep you just as happy.


The ears have nine modes to unleash, which I would describe as a yawn-worthy gentle buzz that, thankfully, cranks up to intense clitoral overload. So grab yourself a cheeky, release, and enjoy the rhythm of the night.



Things We Liked:


- It doesn't worm its way across the bed if you force it out mid-orgasm.

- Or roll off the bed and thump the floor while in a post-orgasmic daze.

- No worrying about the neighbors hearing if you kick it up another gear.

- Thrust isn't robotic and boring, nor chaotic.

- Ribbed-tip enhances the repetitive penetration.


Things We Didn't Like:


- I could foresee this one becoming a little too addictive.



How To Choose The Best Rabbit Vibrator For You (5 Tips):


Tip #1: Length


How much you can insert on a rabbit varies but is typically slightly more limited than a regular vibrator or dildo. Their design focuses more on the vibration front, so don't be disappointed.


They are made to hit your clit externally and G-spot internally in unison. Without pulling out a tape measure for an awkward measuring session, they can be tough to gauge, so you may have to be prepared to try a few- but that is an adventure in itself.


Tip #2: The Elusive Clit


Like an inexperienced lover, rabbits can have just as tough a time trying to find your clit, mainly due to different body shapes.


Fortunately, many flexible, modern models have axed the little ears and opted for a large-surface secondary arm that may take care of your needs far more efficiently.


Tip #3: Lifestyle Choices


Being a lone wolf or in a steady relationship can dramatically change your rabbit's demands. Likewise, your living arrangements play an essential part.


Buying a sex toy is an intimate affair; you must know your needs to find what suits you best. Couples should seek a range of settings to keep things interesting.


Tip #4: Unwanted Listeners


If you live in a busy household and prefer to be a little more incognito with your late-night hobbies, we advise staying away from a pearl-powered rabbit. The pleasure is immense, but they make such a racket that everyone will hear you 'drilling.'


Tip #5: Cost


As with any electronics, you get what you pay for. Everyone deserves a satisfying sex life, so you shouldn't skimp on it. That said, if funds are low, plenty of fun bunnies exist in the lower-priced regions. We have tried to include a good mix in terms of budget.



3 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Buy a Rabbit Vibe:


- Bigger Is Not Always Better


No matter how well-endowed, you naturally stretch during sex. With the dual vibration capabilities of a rabbit, the girth and length are less critical. Some of us are greedier than others, but with settings that range from a gentle buzz to pillow-clutching clitoral overload, Size is one thing that doesn't matter. Pipe down size-queens; we still have you covered!


- One Size Does Not Fit All


A rabbit vibrator has an internal phallus and an external arm that reaches around to your clitoris because our bodies are all different, and some might not suit you. If the ears are nowhere near your clit, then the point is defeated. Total buzzkill. So, window shop, read your specs, and settle on something flexible.


- Buy From a Reputable Source


Rabbits are made from a range of synthetic materials such as silicone and TPE, but there are some cheaper products on the market that, shockingly, are not body-safe. Some of the jellies utilized break down slowly. Given the intimate nature, that's a problem – so stay savvy!


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