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Making The Most of Your Anatomy

Making The Most of Your Anatomy

Hornet Bosa |



Understanding your anatomy is one of the most critical factors in considering a sex toy. From penis pumps to air pulsation devices, understanding how they work can help increase sensation. For example, the clitoris is much bigger than you might think - but we'll get into that later.


To ensure your car is working to its full potential, you must know the parts that make it function, and it's no different with your body.



The Clitoris


The clitoris is a vital part of pleasure and contains about 8,000 nerve endings - so you want to make the most of it. It is often known as the little bulb found at the top of a woman's vulva, but it is so much more than that. The clitoris extends even farther and has a wishbone shape, meaning there are more ways to make yourself feel good. 


Stimulation of the clitoris without toys is simple. You can use your fingers, your partner's tongue or penis, or grind away for hands-free pleasure. 



Air Pulsation


Air pulsation devices are a popular choice for clitoral stimulation. The powerful air pulses make it so that orgasms come easy, and overstimulation is less likely. Not only air pulsation devices but suction devices work wonders for the clitoris as well. If traditional vibrators are too much for you, it's time to try this! Here are some of our suggestions:


Womanizer Premium 2- The Womanizer is the original air pulsation device, making it one of the best on the market.


We-Vibe Melt- The Melt is another favorite for air pulsation users and is an excellent alternative to the Womanizer.


Satisfyer Pro 2- The Satisfyer utilizes more suction to help you reach orgasm over and over again.


LELO Sona 2- For those with more sleek looks in mind, the Sona 2 is a powerful option for stimulating internal and external parts of the clitoris.





Another way to stimulate your clitoris is through vibrators, the tried and true method to orgasm. Powerful vibrations are excellent for reaching climax on your own or with a partner. They not only work for the external parts of the clitoris but can also be used against the vulva to stimulate internal parts of the organ. Try these:


We-Vibe Touch X- The Touch X is an excellent option for vibrating clitoral stimulation with a shape that fits perfectly in your hand or between bodies.


We-Vibe Tango X- The Tango X is a perfect match for more targeted and all-around vibration.


Magic Wand Rechargeable- Wands are also a good option for clitoral fun, so what's better than a rechargeable Magic Wand?





The G-spot is fun because it actually involves clitoral stimulation! Stimulating the G-spot is simply stimulating another internal part of the clitoris, located just behind the external location of the clitoris. This spot can be tricky for some because not everyone can orgasm from G-spot stimulation alone.


To find your G-spot, simply insert your fingers inside your vagina and feel around using the "come-hither" motion. Feel around and see what feels right; it's all up to you and what feels good.


For stimulation on your own or with a partner, fingers are a great option for stimulating the area. Penetration with a partner is another method for reaching the spot! Here are some toys that can help stimulate the G-spot as well:


Internal Vibrators


For hitting the G-spot just right, internal vibrators may be your choice. Higher sensation comes easily with the use of a G-spot vibrator to help you get off.


Satisfyer Vibes Master Nature- This G-spot vibrator sends vibrations right to you with its larger size and multiple vibration modes.


We-Vibe Match- The Match is the perfect choice for stimulating your G-spot with your partner as it is wearable during penetrative sex.


Femme Funn Cadenza Purple Thruster- For something that vibrates and thrusts, this Femme Funn vibrator is for you.




Another excellent option for hitting your G-spot is dildos. Whether they vibrate or not, they can hit that sweet spot with ease. For those with higher sensitivity, these are the way to go.


Glas Naturals Chili Pepper Dildo- This glass chili pepper-shaped dildo is a quirky choice for those who don't want something realistic looking.


Creature Cocks Mystique Unicorn Silicone Dildo- For fantasy lovers, this Unicorn dildo will work wonders for your G-spot.


Basic 7-inch With a Suction Cup- This classic realistic dildo is perfect for something simple and has a suction cup!





An erogenous zone that everyone has is the rectum or the anus. Knowing the anatomy of this area benefits those of all genders because, as I said, everyone has one!


The opening of the anus is extremely sensitive and has tons of nerve endings, making it an erogenous zone. The closeness to the vaginal wall, pelvic floor, prostate, and perineum makes it a sensitive area. Some people can even orgasm from anal stimulation, especially due to its location.


For toy-free play, use your fingers for internal and external fun. Anal sex is also a choice for stimulation, but it is often most manageable with plug training.


Butt Plugs


Butt Plugs come in many shapes and sizes and are made specifically for anal play. Using toys without a flared base could result in a trip to the hospital, and we don't want that. There are vibrating butt plugs and ones designed for beginners and those who are more experienced. Toys for anal pleasure aren't hard to find:


Fun Factory Bootie Fem Plug- This plug is designed for women and has a shape to help enhance G-spot play.


B-Vibe Snug Plug 2- The Snug Plug has many different sizes, making it easy to downsize or upsize with a plug that you'll love.


VeDO Earthquaker Vibe- For a vibrating experience, these anal beads are ideal for easing into anal play.


Cloud 9 Gems Black Silicone Plug Kit- Looking for anal trainers to get yourself to a bigger size? This silicone plug kit is cute and functional.





Other than the G-Spot, the penis is a well-known erogenous zone. There are so many parts to the penis; the first is the head. Also known as the glans, the head is extremely sensitive and a good option for stimulation. The underside of the head is also known as the frenulum and is extremely sensitive to touch. The foreskin is also a more sensitive area but is only a pleasure point for uncircumcised people. The shaft is the part of the penis that no one seems to have a problem pleasuring. While other parts of the penis don't need a lot to get that good feeling, the shaft requires more intense pressure and benefits from stroking. The testes, or the balls, are the last central pleasure point. Many people enjoy having them touched or sucked, especially during blowjobs. 


Now that we know about the anatomy of the penis and know some tips on how to pleasure it, we can look at sex toys:


Penis Pumps


Penis pumps can help to increase pleasure through frequent use. They bring blood to the penis and are especially beneficial to those with erectile dysfunction.


Hydro 7- Any of the Bathmate products, such as the Hydro 7, are the most popular penis pump product and work wonders.


VeDO Pump- If you'd rather have a machine do the pumping for you, this pump creates its vacuum seal with the touch of a button.




When people think of male sex toys, they often think of strokers, commonly referred to as fleshlights. Made of soft and stretchy materials, strokers can imitate the feel of sex with a partner. They come in a variety of textures and styles.


Arcwave Pow Stroker- The Arcwave is a manual stroker with a premium feel that utilizes air suction for pleasure.


Pipedream Extreme Deluxe See-Through Stroker- For a more realistic experience, this stroker has a vulva and anus for penetration.


CRUIZR Rotating Masturbator- For automatic stroking, this rotating massager will do all the work for you.


Penis Rings


Penis rings, or cock rings, help increase pleasure on the penis during solo or partner play. They help to increase the blood flow and sensation to the penis to make for a more sensitive experience. Vibrating cock rings are great for sex with your partner, as vibrations can stimulate the clitoris and the penis.


FORTO F-61 C-Ring Set- For a simple set of penis rings, this set is perfect and easy to use.


FORTO F-22 D-Ring- Looking for more pleasure with penis rings? Get one with one ring for the penis and one ring for the testes to increase sensation.





Ever wondered what the space between the anus and the scrotum or vulva is? It's the perineum! For men, perineum stimulation can lead to orgasm as it is a highly sensitive area. The prostate is stimulated externally in this area, accounting for the intense pleasure in this area. 


Without toys, bringing yourself to orgasm via the perineum is quite simple. Any pressure will feel good, so grinding as well as using your hands will work.


Toy Stimulation


There is no one toy made to target the perineum directly, but many come with additional features specifically for this purpose. Usually, these are penis rings and prostate massagers such as:


We-Vibe Verge- Combining a cock ring with perineum stimulation, this vibrating toy is great for partner play.


We-Vibe Vector+- The Vector+ stimulates the prostate and perineum all at once with vibrations and pressure.





The prostate is a major pleasure center, often called the male G-spot. It is a vital sex organ that produces a fluid to help make semen. The prostate also assists in forcefully pushing out semen during ejaculation. Being such an essential organ for pleasure, it's important to stimulate your prostate. 


Prostate stimulation is also healthy for your body. "Milking," or stimulating your prostate until ejaculation, helps to prevent prostate cancer. Being massaged internally helps to break down any buildup that might be present, making the experience fun and healthy. For targeting your prostate, we recommend these:


LELO Hugo- For high-quality vibrations and remote control access, this LELO prostate massager is for you.


FORTO Thumper- The thumper is great for prostate stimulation with a ripple effect for intense vibrations.





Knowing your anatomy and the anatomy of others makes for a healthier sex life. Everyone is different, though, so I encourage you to experiment and learn more about yourself and your partner. Making yourself have better orgasms is always a good thing, right?